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  • Adhere to 10 p.m. rule

    Sept. 6, 2009 in Letters It’s a sad day for Spokane when a longtime neighborhood music venue, the Rocket Market, can be shut down because of someone who doesn’t appreciate the ambiance of a circle …

  • Rammell own worst enemy

    Sept. 6, 2009 in Letters Now let me get this straight, Rex Rammell is a “target” because it’s OK for him to say he would like to buy some Obama tags? And I suppose it’s … 1

  • Highway ruts will be back

    Sept. 6, 2009 in Letters The memories of an occasional delay, detour and annoyance associated with the resurfacing and repaving of I-90 and other streets this summer quickly disappeared as I smoothly cruised eastbound on …

  • Animals dependent

    Sept. 6, 2009 in Sports Joel Livingston (Letters, Aug. 30, “Vick singled out”), stated that he wonders if we have become calloused about crimes against individuals yet are appalled when the offense is against an …

  • Tribe good stewards

    Sept. 6, 2009 in Sports I was disappointed in the underlying racism and blatant fear-mongering of Rich Landers’ article on Aug. 27 (“Legislation raises questions …”), regarding the return of Lake Roosevelt waters to the …

  • Incumbents are the culprits

    Sept. 6, 2009 in Letters Concerning the Aug. 26 article “Record budget deficit forecast”: President Bush controls the federal executive branch for the last eight years, including the federal Congress being controlled by the Republicans … 1

  • Public option could work

    Sept. 6, 2009 in Letters “Public option” is being cast as un-American and really bad. Here are some examples of “public option”: public schools, public parks, public roads, public fire departments, public police forces, public …

  • Tyranny fear misplaced

    Sept. 6, 2009 in Letters I have some news for Tom Lawson (Letters, Sept. 2). He could always spend some time in Cuba, communist China or even Russia in order to find out what real …

  • Attack coming from low road

    Sept. 6, 2009 in Letters We are in the middle of a national educational crisis where just in Spokane one in three youths are dropping out of school, many are not meeting basic academic standards … 4

  • Hold leaders accountable

    Sept. 6, 2009 in Letters Once again, it appears that the “leaders” who are truly at fault in evading centuries of agreements and treaties regarding torture are about to escape any consequences for their actions.