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Here’s a break-down of our multimedia offerings:

The Spokesman-Review
Our printed product includes the day’s news, sports, business, weather, features and more. Sections vary by day, including Food on Wednesday, Outdoors on Thursdays, Movies on Friday and dozens of prized inserts on Sundays. Readers get a perfect blend of items from our award-winning Editorial staff plus high-quality information from The Associated Press and other news syndicates.
Triple-Nine Digital agency
The official digital agency of The Spokesman-Review. Visit our website today to view the extensive portfolio of digital services we have to offer and to request your FREE Digital Health Report. Follow us on Facebook and stay up-to-date on all Triple-Nine Digital events and promotions.
Wednesday Pinch
Is our Total Market Coverage (TMC) product delivered to non-subscribing households in Spokane County each week. Each issue offers food columns and recipes, general interest stories, as well as tidbits, puzzles, comics and crosswords. The package also contains money saving inserts from local grocers, drug stores and national retailers. When combined with our regular Wednesday subscribers, these two products reach more than 82% of Spokane County Households.
Sunday Pinch
Is our Select Market Coverage (SMC) product delivered each Sunday to Spokane County non-subscribing households. Each issue offers general interest columns on home, health, and lifestyle and contains money saving inserts from many of the area’s favorite retailers. Our Total Sunday Audience package reaches more than 52% of Spokane County Households.
Our Voice sections are all about community zoned publications on Thursdays and revolve around certain geographic areas or neighborhoods, everything from previews of new restaurants to what’s happening at area schools. There are separate versions for our readers in the southern part of and northern parts of Spokane plus Spokane Valley, which are all great for residents and nearby advertisers.
While our web site offers a good chunk of the day’s info, the best way to completely duplicate the daily paper experience is with The E, a complete electronic version of the day’s paper is available every morning to subscribers. You can easily flip from page by page, search for keywords or sections, and even save or send articles. The “e” also contains 30 days of archived editions. More than 30,000 subscribers receive the “e” via email each morning.
As more people turn to the Internet for fresh information, visitors from around the world consider our site an essential part of their day. 
A lifestyle magazine mailed directly to a highly desirable audience eight times a year. Reaching Spokane and Kootenai county households with $75K plus income and home values of $200K plus, Platinum® features high-end fashion, home décor, luxury living, international travel, gourmet food and much more.

Niche sites: In addition to the quality, comprehensive coverage of local, national and international news at, The Spokesman-Review has created several specialty sites designed for certain interests and audiences. Here, visitors can receive more in-depth info on a specific topic, and advertisers can easily zero in on customers already familiar with and passionate about the topics and interested in related products and services. These include
Think of 7 as just the start of what you could be doing right now or in the future. The site features an interactive free calendar with anything and everything you can check out, from the latest movies to art galleries, from nature hikes to play openings. Visitors also can access a database of nearly 1,000 local restaurants, and get recommendations from longtime Northwest guides as to what’s hot and happening.
What does the Inland Northwest have in abundance? Unlimited recreation opportunities. We have so much natural beauty and activities all year long that readers regularly ask us for help figuring out exactly where to start. We deliver with an expanded Thursday print section plus a vibrant Outdoors blog that provides additional resources about everything from the best hiking trails around to trends in land management. Hunting, fishing, camping, cycling, and everything in between are covered all year plus we give special attention to winter activities like skiing.
Here’s the perfect site for anyone buying, selling or just browsing real estate. In addition to strategies and suggestions for homeowners, prospective homeowners, or those in the building/real estate industries, we make it easy to connect with local professionals ready to lend a hand – or some financing! Enjoy a free online calendar of events and classes, and the latest online tools to learn about current listings, market conditions and neighborhoods. 
Whether you’re looking for work or for people to hire, you’ll need all the tools at your disposal. You’ll find them here, including how-to videos, the ability to search local and national listings, and tips on job hunting strategies, such as effective resume writing. Employers searching for the right candidates can find easy ways to get the word out.
Hooray for cars! Except when they don’t do what they’re supposed to. Luckily, the online and print versions of this section can help in either case. If you need a new ride, you’ll be able to connect with a variety of local dealers or private parties to get exactly what you want. You’ll also receive current info on new models plus strategies to keep your ride running better.
Blogs provide supplemental coverage and commentary on specialized topics while building up reader loyalty and creating a sense of community. The Spokesman-Review was one of the first newspapers to enter the blogosphere more than a decade ago, and today our Editorial and Marketing staffs along with community contributors write more than 30 popular blogs covering everything from antiquing to stock car racing, from fun nightspots to a nationally known blog that examines death and dying.