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Sommapalooza 2007: Cyrus Fell Down

Isamu Jordan / The Spokesman-Review

Cyrus Fell Down is without question one of the best rock bands in the scene right now. And they are still in high school! Guitarist and lead singer David Plell is a marvel when it comes to intricate rock arrangements and wildly spastic finger-tapped solos. Aaron Anderberg has the best moves on stage to compliment his staggering bass lines, and Cory Mason-Phipps is an absolute beast on the drums. The song structures are like spider webs, with dizzying spirals that seamlessly jump from quiet fragility and retreat to abrasive brutality. With all of the members graduating this spring, Cyrus Fell Down is going to stay together and move as a unit to Pullman as two-thirds of the band attends Washington State University.

Tags: 7, High School, music, rock, Students, teenagers, WSU

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