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    Luna-Cronin exchange-1

    An exchange between Idaho Schools Superintendent Tom Luna and state Rep. Brian Cronin, D-Boise, after the City Club forum in Boise on Oct. 2, 2012. Cronin accuses Luna of calling …

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    911 call from 8th and Seneca

    Call from 8th and Seneca, where the shooter shot and killed a woman and stole her SUV.

  3. 03
    911 call from Cafe Racer

    911 audio from Cafe Racer, where Ian Lee Stawicki is believed to have openned fire and killed four people.

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    West Seattle Officer Audio

    Audio from officer when he spots Ian Lee Stawicki, the suspected shooter, in West Seattle.

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    Straub press conference (Aug. 22)

    Press conference about the Spokane police officer-involved shooting of Dan Jones on Aug. 22, 2013.

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    Witt Huhn

    Witt Huhn sings for The Slice.

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    Bruce Burton

    Bruce Burton sings for The Slice.

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    Will Cornseind

    Will Cornseind sings for The Slice.

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    Shell Wiley

    Shell Wiley sings for The Slice.

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    Jan Angulo

    Jan Angulo sings for The Slice.

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    Uncle David

    Uncle David sings for The Slice.

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    Ernie Hill

    Ernie Hill sings for The Slice.

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    George Massart

    George Massart sings for The Slice.

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    Verner takes questions from reporters on election night

    Spokane Mayor Mary Verner answers questions from reporters shortly after hearing election results at her campaign party at Taaj Indian restaurant.

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    Frances Conover Church

    Frances Conover Church reads from the World War I diary kept by her father, Harvey Conover. In this passage from Oct. 28, 1918, he describes the crash of the fighter … 1

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    Josh Romney campaign for dad in Spokane Valley

    Josh Romney, 36, campaigns for his dad, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney at CenterPlace in Spokane Valley on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2002. In this clip, Romney is answering questions from …

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    Doug Clark: ‘Cattle Cars That Fly’

    Doug Clark published this song after “flying the unfriendly skies” during vacation. 1

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    George Maupin

    George Maupin of KHQ encourages people to not be afraid to take a job they are overqualified for in these tough economic times. He did it once and it paid …

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    Mayor Mary Verner addresses supporters on election night

    Spokane Mayor Mary Verner addresses supporters at her election night party at Taaj Indian Restaurant soon after the release of number showing her trailing her opponent, David Condon. She says …

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    Jump Jive Mosquito Blues

    Columnist Doug Clark’s latest recording is a summer anthem for anyone who gets bitten by mosquitoes – including himself. It was recorded with Joe Brasch.