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    Luna-Cronin exchange-1

    An exchange between Idaho Schools Superintendent Tom Luna and state Rep. Brian Cronin, D-Boise, after the City Club forum in Boise on Oct. 2, 2012. Cronin accuses Luna of calling …

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    Straub press conference (Aug. 22)

    Press conference about the Spokane police officer-involved shooting of Dan Jones on Aug. 22, 2013.

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    Witt Huhn

    Witt Huhn sings for The Slice.

  4. 04
    Bruce Burton

    Bruce Burton sings for The Slice.

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    Will Cornseind

    Will Cornseind sings for The Slice.

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    Shell Wiley

    Shell Wiley sings for The Slice.

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    Uncle David

    Uncle David sings for The Slice.

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    Jan Angulo

    Jan Angulo sings for The Slice.

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    George Massart

    George Massart sings for The Slice.

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    Ernie Hill

    Ernie Hill sings for The Slice.

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    Verner takes questions from reporters on election night

    Spokane Mayor Mary Verner answers questions from reporters shortly after hearing election results at her campaign party at Taaj Indian restaurant.

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    Ron Paul takes questions from the press

    Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul took questions from the media after his rally at the Spokane Convention Center on Friday, February 17, 2012.

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    Greg Newell talks about the Masonic Temple

    New owner Greg Newell talks about the appeal of Spokane’s Masonic Temple building, which he and other investors purchased for $1.1 million. Newell wants to transform the building into a …

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    Mary Verner / rap duet, part 01

    Spokane Mayor Mary Verner on how she met and started working with rapper Josh Ogle, aka Gasmasq.

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    Julia Smith

    Julia Smith, music thanatologist, plays a song on the harp. Harp and song help ease dying people’s journey from this life.

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    Josh ‘Gasmasq’ Ogle part 02

    Josh Ogle on writing a rap duet with Spokane Mayor Mary Verner.

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    wise words with Liz Ulmen

    Liz Ulmen, teacher of gifted education for Spokane School District, describes how her children intuitively understand the power of gratitude during these tough times.

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    Ian James’s phone call to 911

    Ian E. James, 38, made this call to 911 after his girlfriend, Lynea M. Sprung Hambrice, 36, fell 12 stories to her death at the Coeur d’Alene Resort on July …

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    Officer Karl F. Thompson indictment 01

    U.S. Attorney James McDevitt prefaces and reads the first count of the grand jury indictment against Spokane police Officer Karl Thompson in Otto Zehm’s injury while in police custody in …

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    Edgar Steele’s call to his son

    Recording of a phone call Edgar Steele made to his son, Rex Steele, while being held at the Kootenai County Jail on June 13, 2010.