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    Ron Paul takes questions from the press

    Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul took questions from the media after his rally at the Spokane Convention Center on Friday, February 17, 2012.

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    Greg Newell talks about the Masonic Temple

    New owner Greg Newell talks about the appeal of Spokane’s Masonic Temple building, which he and other investors purchased for $1.1 million. Newell wants to transform the building into a …

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    Gene and Vicky Littell on daughter’s death

    Gene and Vicky Littell, the parents of Susette G. Werner, who was struck and dragged by a car early Sunday, Feb. 8, 2009, talk about their daughter’s death. 1

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    Gene Littell on daughter’s death

    Gene Littell, father of Susette G. Werner, who was dragged to death early Sunday, Feb. 8, 2009, talks about forgiving his daughter’s killer, who remains at large.

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    Gene Littell / moving on

    Gene Littell, father of dragging victim Susette G. Werner, talks about coming to grips with his daughter’s death in a hit and run accident early Sunday, Feb. 8, 2009.

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    Dr. Kennard Kapstafer, a 78-year-old pediatrician still in practice in Spokane, talks about the early roots of his medical career and his compassion.

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    Ian James’s phone call to 911

    Ian E. James, 38, made this call to 911 after his girlfriend, Lynea M. Sprung Hambrice, 36, fell 12 stories to her death at the Coeur d’Alene Resort on July …

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    Press conference at fatal fire

    Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer discusses the circumstances of a fire that claimed a woman’s life early Tuesday morning, Oct. 28, at 1227 E. Longfellow Ave., in Spokane.

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    Paul Bos / Jan. 5 forecast

    National Weather Service meteorologist Paul Bos talks about continued snow Monday, Jan. 5, 2008, moving into warmer temperatures and a risk of flooding later in the week.

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    Brian Albrecht

    Brian Albrecht describes how quickly his work life changed in just one week. On a Monday, he found out his TV weather meteorologist contract wasn’t going to be renewed. By …

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    911 call in Roy Jacobs case - track 3

    911 call in Roy Jacobs case, track 3

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    “Rumors” by Mama Doll

    Rumors by Mama Doll

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    Dave Mandyke / Flooding prevention

    Spokane Public Works Director Dave Mandyke talks about what the city will be doing to prevent street flooding in the coming days.

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    Regina Belser on James von Brunn 01

    Regina Belser, a former Webmaster for James W. von Brunn, talks about what she knows of his life in an interview with Dan Mitchinson Wednesday, June 10, 2009.

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    Guardiam ad Litem

    Volunteering for Spokane County’s CASA/Guardian ad Litem program is challenging. “Casas,” as they are called, recommend to the courts where at-risk children should permanently live. Here, Susan Piccinini and Diana …

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    Cheryle Hart on her sessions

    Cheryle Hart explains how she started talking to groups of women about menopause and hormone therapy.

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    Cheryle Hart on insurance billing

    Cheryle Hart explains her understanding of why insurance companies wouldn’t reimburse customers for her seminars.

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    Harmony by Sharma Shields

    Sharma Shields reads her Summer Story.

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    Chief Kirpatrick / Evidence handling

    Spokane Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick talks about how citizens must decide how much risk they want associated with maintaining evidence.

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    Gov. Gregoire about K-12 education

    Gov. Chris Gregoire talks about what she was going to tell the teacher’s union May 14, and she recognizes teachers aren’t happy with her.