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    Mayor Mary Verner addresses supporters on election night

    Spokane Mayor Mary Verner addresses supporters at her election night party at Taaj Indian Restaurant soon after the release of number showing her trailing her opponent, David Condon. She says …

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    Trailer Park Girls, “Life Goes On”

    Doug Clark’s song about the unsolved Spokane Street Motel killings.

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    Gene and Vicky Littell on daughter’s death

    Gene and Vicky Littell, the parents of Susette G. Werner, who was struck and dragged by a car early Sunday, Feb. 8, 2009, talk about their daughter’s death. 1

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    Josh ‘Gasmasq’ Ogle part 07

    Rapper Josh Ogle on looking back on his days of being homeless.

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    Ian James’s phone call to 911

    Ian E. James, 38, made this call to 911 after his girlfriend, Lynea M. Sprung Hambrice, 36, fell 12 stories to her death at the Coeur d’Alene Resort on July …

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    Paul Bos / Jan. 5 forecast

    National Weather Service meteorologist Paul Bos talks about continued snow Monday, Jan. 5, 2008, moving into warmer temperatures and a risk of flooding later in the week.

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    911 call in Roy Jacobs case - track 3

    911 call in Roy Jacobs case, track 3

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    The Rustics - Be Here Now

    The Rustics — Be Here Now

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    Angel Spell, urban forester

    Spokane’s new urban forester, Angel Spell, is interviewed by Jonathan Brunt on April 23, 2010.

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    Father Armand Nigro

    Father Armand Nigro describes his call to the priesthood as a young boy.

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    Carol Wendle

    Carol Wendle talks about how the children at Hutton Settlement role-modeled resilience as she recovered from her stroke.

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    GU student Emily Walker / camping out

    Gonzaga student Emily Walker talks to reporter Mike Prager about why she’s camping out at McCarthey Athletic Center on Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2009.

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    Teresa Fuller

    A man died while driving near the intersection of Nevada Street and Empire Boulevard on April 23. After apparently dying from a medical-related issue, the man, whom police said was …

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    GU student Emily Walker / staying warm, studying

    Gonzaga student Emily Walker talks to reporter Mike Prager about staying warm and studying while camped out by the McCarthey Athletic Center on Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2009.

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    Roberts questioned

    A clip from the appearance by Chief Justice John Roberts at the University of Idaho on March 13. Roberts is being questioned about a case involving Barack Obama’s citizenship. 1

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    Rob McCann, Catholic Charities

    Rob McCann, executive director of Catholic Charities Spokane explains how the social service agency will weather a challenging 2009.

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    Kevin Simmons “My Life”

    Kevin Simmons’ hip hop tune “My Life” won him a trip to the Grammy awards.

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    Campaign call from Mary Wissink campaign

    The campaign of Democrat Mary Wissink, who is challenging Republican Tim Fitzgerald for County Clerk, criticized the Fitzgerald campaign for accept a contribution from a union in this recorded call.

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    Stream That I Call Home (The Bull Trout Song)

    Stream That I Call Home (The Bull Trout Song)

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    Mary Verner / bond failure 2

    Spokane Mayor Mary Verner talks March 6, 2009, about whether she would consider repackaging the bond issue that failed Tuesday with a Fire Department bond that will go before voters …