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    Witt Huhn

    Witt Huhn sings for The Slice.

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    Bruce Burton

    Bruce Burton sings for The Slice.

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    Will Cornseind

    Will Cornseind sings for The Slice.

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    Shell Wiley

    Shell Wiley sings for The Slice.

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    Jan Angulo

    Jan Angulo sings for The Slice.

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    Uncle David

    Uncle David sings for The Slice.

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    Ernie Hill

    Ernie Hill sings for The Slice.

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    George Massart

    George Massart sings for The Slice.

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    Edgar Steele’s call to his wife

    Recording of a call Edgar Steele placed to his wife, Cyndi Steele, while he was being held at the Kootenai County Jail on June 13, 2010. The recording was played … 2

  10. 10
    Officer Amy Ross / 911 call

    Off-duty Spokane police Officer Amy Ross’ 911 call Friday, Jan. 23, 2009, after a knife attack on her fiance, Sgt. Brad Thoma.

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    Gene Littell on daughter’s death

    Gene Littell, father of Susette G. Werner, who was dragged to death early Sunday, Feb. 8, 2009, talks about forgiving his daughter’s killer, who remains at large.

  12. 12
    Gene Littell / moving on

    Gene Littell, father of dragging victim Susette G. Werner, talks about coming to grips with his daughter’s death in a hit and run accident early Sunday, Feb. 8, 2009.

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    Manuela Horn yodels ‘Like a Virgin’

    Manuela Horn, the Austrian actress and cabaret performer who will host Spokane’s Oktoberfest on the River Sept. 25-27, 2015, is also an accomplished yodeler. During an interview this summer, she …

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    Inslee comment on court’s $100,000 per day fine

    This is an audio clip of Gov. Jay Inslee’s statement on the state Supreme Court order regarding further action on public school funding

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    Slice readers cover “American Pie”

    Slice readers called in to serenade Paul Turner.