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Tue., Oct. 14, 2008, 10:35 a.m.

Candidates clash over global warming

An interesting point in the Lewiston debate between three of the candidates for Larry Craig’s Senate seat came when they marked out sharply differing stances on global warming. Here’s what the three – Democrat Larry LaRocco, Independent Rex Rammell and Republican Jim Risch – had to say:

LaRocco: “I worked at U.S. Geothermal down in Malta so that I could learn firsthand what a company is doing right here in Idaho in using our resources and cutting back on fossil fuels, and that’s what we have to do is reduce the carbon emissions. … We can be a leader right here in this state. It’s my estimate that we could create 14,000 new jobs in Idaho just by embracing alternative sources of energy, and that’s exciting for the future generations of our state, to have new jobs and new energy. I think Kyoto is past us and we need to get beyond that. … We are going to have bilateral relations with other countries and we need in our trade agreements with them to make sure that they’re not polluting our planet and we can hold their feet to the fire by doing that. I think it’s a serious issue, I embrace it, and I think we can tackle it and create jobs right here in Idaho by looking at alternative sources of energy and moving that forward with an aggressive program. That’s why I’ve said that we need a 100-day summit after we convene in the United States Senate in 2009.”

Rammell: “Is it such a strange concept that the earth may actually go through natural cycles? … I’m so sick and tired of global warming. … I’ll tell you, McCain is as bad as Obama. If we continue to support this lie that global warming is going to destroy this world, we’re going to destroy our economy before it gets a chance. I do not support this myth that man is making that much of a change. In fact I saw some NASA research that said most of the change is very natural. It’s very typical for climates to go through these sort of changes. We need to stop with the global warming myths, they can’t prove it, they continue to try. There’s as much evidence on the other side to refute it. We’ve got bigger problems than global warming, we need to solve the problems in our economy. You elect Rex Rammell as a senator and we’ll work on the real issues.”

Risch: “On global warming, there is clear evidence that the earth is warming. It’s been warming over the last 60,000 years. Currently obviously we’re going through a warming cycle. There is no question when you look at the polar ice cap what’s happening, there is no question about what’s happening to the glaciers in Glacier National Park and around the world. The issue is, is what is causing this and how quickly is it happening. I read stories on both sides of that. I think that we do have to get serious about stopping putting carbon into the air. Whether that’s going to do any good or not, we’ll see. We need to develop nuclear aggressively to stop continuing to put carbon into the air.”

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