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Time frame? 'This session'  

Here's a puzzle: The House Transportation Committee is meeting this afternoon, but nowhere on its agenda is the governor's latest motor vehicle registration fee increase bill. The reason? "We asked them to hold off of the registration fee bill, until we know what's happening with...

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The House Agriculture Committee voted unanimously Tuesday in favor of SCR 109, the measure to allow the state agriculture director to use deficiency warrants, if needed, to fund emergency measures to fight invasive quagga and zebra mussels. The warrants allow spending right away, and the state must pay the bills. (Betsy Russell / The Spokesman-Review)

Mussels a 'biological wildfire'

Rep. Eric Anderson, R-Priest Lake, told the House Agriculture Committee today that quagga and zebra mussels should be thought of as a "biological wildfire" right at Idaho's border. He and Sen. Tim Corder, R-Mountain Home, were promoting SCR 109, the resolution to allow the state...

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Martial law gun-rights bill passes House 69 

Rep. Pete Nielsen, R-Mountain Home, today persuaded the House to vote 61-9 in favor of his legislation, HB 229, to declare that during a state of "extreme emergency" including martial law, invasion or insurrection, "No government authority will have the right to come and pick...

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'Rep. Scrooge' OK with $600 can opener

Rep. George Eskridge, R-Dover, took some ribbing this morning from fellow JFAC members for his far-reaching trimming in the Division of Veterans Affairs budget, which included eliminating the replacement of a van that had 125,000 miles on it. Eskridge said the division assured him they...

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Just pay a bit more...

When Butch Morrison, owner and operator of the Crescent 'No Lawyers' Bar & Grill, addressed the Senate State Affairs Committee yesterday as the president of the Idaho Licensed Beverage Association, backing the governor's proposed reform of Idaho's liquor license system, Sen. Bart Davis, R-Idaho Falls,...

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The Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee set the corrections budget on Tuesday morning, and plans to set budgets for Health & Welfare and Transportation in the next two days, to arrive at the biggest budget - public schools - by Friday. (Betsy Russell / The Spokesman-Review)

Budget setting is clicking along 

The joint budget committee this morning has set budgets for Vocational Rehabilitation, the Commission for the Blind, the Division of Veterans Services and the biggie, the Department of Correction. The corrections budget is based entirely on the assumption that there will be no growth in...

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Rep. Darrell Bolz, R-Caldwell, proposed hold-the-line budgets for the state Department of Corrections for next year. The budgets, which shift funds around to cover the cost of opening a new Correctional Alternative Placement facility in May of 2010, won unanimous support from the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee on Tuesday. (Betsy Russell / The Spokesman-Review)

CAPP program funded

The budget set by JFAC this morning for the state's prison system shifts various funds around to cover the $2.5 million bond payment and operational costs of the Correctional Alternative Placement Program, a new facility that's scheduled to open in May of 2010. "The bond...

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Commissioners to get pay cut, too 

JFAC has taken formal action this morning to apply the 3 percent across-the-board state pay cut to state tax commissioners, industrial commissioners and public utilities commissioners. The commissioners' pay is set by state law, but the joint budget committee unanimously adopted "notwithstanding" language, setting aside...

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