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House unveils committee assignments, plenty of shakeups

State seal in the Idaho House chamber (Betsy Russell)
State seal in the Idaho House chamber (Betsy Russell)

The House, at long last, has announced its committee assignments and adjourned. They include a shakeup in chairmanships. Click below for the complete list.

Idaho House Standing Committees, 2011 Session

Chairman: Bell
Vice Chair: Bolz
Eskridge, Hagedorn, Vander Woude, Patrick, Wood(27), Thompson, Ringo, Jaquet.

Revenue & Taxation
Chairman: Lake
Vice Chair: Collins
Harwood, Barbieri, Roberts, Shaefer, Moyle, Ellsworth, Bayer, Leon Smith, Bedke, Gibbs, Raybould, Barrett, JoAn Wood, Rusche, Burgoyne, Killen

State Affairs
Chairman: Loertscher
Vice Chair: Crane
Anderson, Sims, Henderson, Takasugi, Bilbao, Black, Luker, Palmer, Stevenson, Andrus, Guthrie, McGeachin, Simpson, Higgins, King, Bucker-Webb, Elaine Smith

Chairman: Nonini
Vice Chair: Shirley
Chadderdon, Trail, Nesset, Paul Shepherd, Boyle, Thayn, deMordaunt, Nielsen ,Wills, Hartgen, Block, Marriott, Bateman, Chew, Cronin, Pence

Chairman: Trail
Vice Chair: Andrus
McMillan, Boyle, Bolz, Takasugi, Patrick Stevenson, Lake, Shirley, Pence, Lacey

Environment, Energy & Technology
Chairman: Raybould
Vice Chair: Harwood
Anderson, Eskridge, Schaefer, DeMordaunt, Vander Woude, Nielsen, Hartgen, Block, Gibbs, Simpson,  Thompson, Cronin, Jaquet, Elaine Smith

Health & Welfare
Chairman: McGeachin
Vice Chair: Bilbao
Roberts, Paul Shepherd, Fred Wood, Guthrie, Loertscher, Rusche, Chew

Local Government
Chairman: Barrett
Vice Chair: Marriott
Barbieri, Sims, Chadderdon, Collins, Perry, Luker, Bayer, Higginns, Buckner-Webb

Chairman: Leon Smith
Vice Chair: Hart
Henderson, Nonini, Nesset, Ellsworth, Hagedorn, Palmer, Wills, Bedke, Bateman, JoAn Wood, Ringo, Killen, King

Chairman: Black
Vice Chair: Henderson
Barbieri, Chadderdon, Takasugi, Bilbao, Collins, Crane, DeMordaunt, Palmer, Bayer, Patrick, Guthrie, Thompson, Rusche, Cronin, Elaine Smith

Commerce & Human Resources
Chairman: Block
Vice Chair: Hartgen
Trail, Nesset, Thayn, Lake, Marriott, Loertscher, Simpson, Ringo, King

Chairman: Wills
Vice Chair: Luker
McMillan, Hart, Sims, Bolz, Perry, Ellsworth, Nielsen, Bateman, Shirley, Burgoyne, Killen, Jaquet

Resources and Conservation
Chairman: Stevenson
Vice Chair: Paul Shepherd
Eskridge, Harwood, Boyle, Moyle, Hagedorn, Vander Woude, Bedke, Fred Wood, Andrus, Gibbs, Raybould, Barrett, JoAn Wood, Higgins, Pence, Lacey

Ways & Means
Chairman: JoAn Wood
Roberts, Moyle, Bedke, Rusche, Higgins, Cronin

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