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Eye On Boise archive for Aug. 2011

WEDNESDAY, AUG. 31, 2011

Lawmakers crafting revised endowment legislation 

Associated Press reporter John Miller reports that Reps. Grant Burgoyne, D-Boise, and John VanderWoude, R-Nampa, are planning to work on revised legislation to limit the state Land Board's endowment land investments, out of concern over competition with the private sector. "There's clearly an area where...

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TUESDAY, AUG. 30, 2011

Idaho redistricting commissioners, from left, Allen Andersen, Evan Frasure, Julie Kane and Lorna Finman huddle over a map just after adjourning their commission meeting on Tuesday afternoon; in the background at right is Commissioner George Moses. (Betsy Russell)

Redistricters out 'til Friday, as clock ticks... 

After Democratic redistricting Commissioner Julie Kane presented some concept maps to other commissioners regarding North Idaho, Co-Chairman Allen Andersen said, "I think there has been some presentation of some potential maps that might address some issues we've been talking about. I think we have another...

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Deputy Attorney General Brian Kane addresses the Idaho redistricting commission on Tuesday; in the foreground is Commissioner Lou Esposito. (Betsy Russell)

Redistricters chew over legal questions

The redistricting commission has been visiting this morning with Assistant Chief Deputy Attorney General Brian Kane about legal questions, on everything from its deadline to what makes a redistricting plan defensible in court. It's also reviewed several new legislative and congressional plans submitted by the...

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Sen. Risch called for jury duty, excused

Idaho Statesman columnist Dan Popkey reports that Idaho Sen. Jim Risch spent Monday morning at the Ada County courthouse after being called for jury duty - but was excused after he explained his schedule to 4th District Judge Darla Williamson. Risch told Popkey that the...

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MONDAY, AUG. 29, 2011

Otter says he'll keep low-balling state budgets 

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter is promising more of the same from his administration: tight budgeting that may underestimate state revenues, forcing budget cuts that later prove unnecessary, to avoid mid-year holdbacks. That approach attracted criticism this year after Otter and state lawmakers discounted economic forecasts...

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FRIDAY, AUG. 26, 2011

Labrador's take on grizzly shooting case 

1st District Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador issued this statement on the Jeremy Hill grizzly bear shooting case in North Idaho: "Only Jeremy knows the threat this bear posed to his family and property. No one from D.C. or Boise was present to know the circumstances...

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THURSDAY, AUG. 25, 2011

Eye On Boise

Short takes and breaking news from the Idaho Legislature and the state capital.

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