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Eye On Boise archive for Sept. 5, 2011

MONDAY, SEPT. 5, 2011

Idaho redistricting commissioners confer as they open their Monday session, on Labor Day. (Betsy Russell)

Redistricters spar in Labor Day session

GOP Commissioner Lou Esposito, responding to complaints from Democratic Commissioner George Moses that GOP commissioners never gave their response to five proposed legislative plans the Democratic commissioners submitted several days ago, said, "You did submit five plans the other day, and we were busily working...

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Redistricters deadlock 3-3, three times...

Democratic redistricting Commissioner George Moses moved this morning to approve a congressional redistricting plan - starting with a publicly submitted plan that kept all counties whole, and created a new District 2 in the southwest corner of the state, including Ada and Canyon Counties, while...

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Idaho redistricting commission Co-Chairman Allen Andersen, left, and Commissioner Julie Kane, as the commission begins its meeting on Monday, on Labor Day. (Betsy Russell)

Redistricters open on somber note

The Idaho redistricting commission opened on a somber note this morning, as Co-Chairman Allen Andersen fiddled with a colorful hand-held wooden puzzle, saying it's an interesting toy that can come together in a variety of ways. As he toyed with it, he said, "Last night,...

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