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Eye On Boise archive for Feb. 20, 2014

THURSDAY, FEB. 20, 2014

Testimony: 'A happy cow produces more milk' 

House Ag Chairman Ken Andrus, R-Lava Hot Springs, said he has nine signup sheets with 17 lines on each, meaning more than 100 people may want to testify on SB 1337, the agriculture security bill, at this afternoon’s hearing. Andrus said he’ll call people in...

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Steenson: 'Extremist groups implement vigilante tactics' 

Dan Steenson, attorney for the Idaho Dairymen’s Association and the drafter of SB 1337, told the House Ag Committee this afternoon that “extremist groups implement vigilante tactics” to go after farmers. Steenson said “so-called investigators who masquerade as employees to infiltrate farms” do so in...

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Sponsor: So-called 'ag-gag' bill wouldn't stop whistleblowing

Rep. Cindy Agidius, R-Moscow, told Rep. Gayle Batt, R-Wilder, sponsor of SB 1337, that she’s received lots of emails questioning whether the so-called “ag-gag” bill will block whistleblowers from reporting abuses at agricultural operations. “Nowhere in this legislation does it address whistle-blowing at all,” Batt...

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Crowd assembles for hearing Thursday afternoon on so-called "ag-gag" bill, to outlaw surreptitious videotaping of farm operations (Betsy Russell)

Crowd turns out for 'ag-gag' bill hearing 

A big crowd has assembled in the Lincoln Auditorium this afternoon for the hearing on SB 1337, the Senate-passed bill to make it a crime to surreptitiously videotape or photograph an agricultural operation. Rep. Gayle Batt, R-Wilder, said the bill “protects our farm families and...

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No resolution yet on broadband budget mess

Key legislators and Otter administration officials met late Wednesday afternoon to try to sort out the state’s broadband budget mess, reports Idaho Education News reporter Kevin Richert, but nothing was resolved. Jon Hanian, press secretary for Gov. Butch Otter, said the negotiations are “still in...

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"Add the Words" protesters block main entrance to the Idaho Senate chamber of Thursday morning; at left is former state Sen. Nicole LeFavour, D-Boise (Betsy Russell)

'Add the Words' protesters block Senate 

Twenty-four "Add the Words" protesters are blocking the main entrance to the Idaho Senate chamber on the 3rd floor of the state Capitol this morning. Former state Sen. Nicole LeFavour, D-Boise, said the protesters are willing to be arrested rather than leave. It's the fourth...

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