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Off for the week…

I’m off for the next week; I may post a vacation photo in this space later in the week, but other than that, I’m off the grid. Let me know what I miss, and I’ll see you back here next Monday…

Update: Was under the weather the first few days of my vacation (which was disappointing!), but today I finally got out on the water in the Columbia River Gorge, which was beautiful. That’s me in the picture, sailing near The Dalles, Ore.

Off on vacation…

I am headed off on vacation, including seeing extended family; I'll be back in the office on Monday, Sept. 30. I may check in from time to time, but mostly will try to catch up on what I've missed when I return… Have a great week, everyone!

I’m back…

For the past week, I’ve been away from the smoke and the breaking news, doing things like eating fresh-picked blackberries, dancing in the rain, skimming across the river, flying off the swells, tasting wine, eating well, getting some stuff done, enjoying the company of friends and spending quality time with the one I love, my husband of 26 years. Here, a rare sight over in the Columbia River Gorge: A downwind race of 40-foot sailboats, at the same time as numerous windsurfers like us out enjoying the river, at the same time a big barge passed through, all set against the backdrop of dramatic clouds and later, thunderstorms. It was a fun week of vacation. I’m physically tired and tanned from seven straight days of windsurfing, but mentally rested, recharged and ready to go. Now, back to work…

Time for vacation…

I am on vacation this week, the first week I’ve taken off since the legislative session. It feels pretty blissful, I have to say; I started it off with windsurfing on Lucky Peak on Saturday, then dinner downtown with my hubby; a mountain bike ride in the foothills Sunday, where the wildflowers are blooming, the grasses are lush and the air is scented with sage; and now off to the Columbia River Gorge for a few days, followed by another Boise summer weekend. I’ll be back at work next Monday; click below for more vacation photos.

While I’m gone, check out the links below to my two-part series on one of the most inventive crimes Idaho’s seen in a while – a big-bucks financial fraud allegedly pulled off from behind bars in an Idaho prison cell. 

Time for vacation…

I'm headed off for a week's vacation; I'll be back on Monday, Aug. 13th and catch up then. (Yes, I'm changing the vacation photos every day or two; you can see more here). Let me know what I miss, and have a great week…

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