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Early in the morning at Lucky Peak…

It was early Friday morning at Lucky Peak reservoir when a half-dozen kitesailors and I, the lone windsurfer, kicked off the morning wind season up at the lake. The wind was light, but it was a beautiful morning, and great to get back on the water. Here, some of the kitesailors launch from Barclay Bay. 

Going where the wind blows…

Faced with the hot, dry and smoky weekend forecast for Boise, I fled to the west, trading that for warm, dry, and very, very windy in the Columbia River Gorge. It’s such a delicious reprieve that I’m extending my weekend for a day so I can sail on Monday, too; I’ll be back a-blogging on Tuesday. That’s me on the left; that’s Mt. Hood in the background…

In the cool before the heat…

Here's what it looked like up at Lucky Peak Lake this morning shortly after sunrise, as Boise-area windsurfers and kiteboarders took advantage of the early-morning breezes to kick off a all-week run of 100-degree days. By 7:15 a.m., there was a flock of us up there, close to 20, with the big kites dipping and soaring like exotic birds and the colorful sails whizzing across the water like intensely motivated butterflies. Early mornings like this make the heat bearable - that and afternoon air conditioning. Too bad we can't all handle the afternoon heat like my cats; they just curl up and snooze the day away until it's cooler… 

Father’s Day, Roosevelt, Wash.

A beautiful day…

Man in bunny suit and tutu frightens Idaho Falls kids; all safe here in Oregon

Here's an odd news item from the Associated Press: IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (AP) — Police in Idaho Falls have told a 34-year-old man to stop wearing his bunny suit in public because it was annoying his neighbors and frightening their children. A police report says officers responded Monday after a resident reported her son had been frightened by William Falkingham wearing a black bunny costume and hiding behind a tree pointing his finger at the boy like it was a gun. The officer spoke with other neighbors, who were also disturbed by Falkingham wearing the bunny suit. They also reported he occasionally wears a tutu with the costume. The report says Falkingham told officers he enjoys wearing the suit, but understood his neighbors' concerns.

Meanwhile, no bunny suit here, I'm sticking with my wetsuit and enjoying the Gorge on my vacation this week. That's me on the right, with the yellow sail, sailing today at the Hatchery; on the far shore is the Columbia Gorge Hotel in Hood River with its scenic waterfall down the cliffs.

Summer (finally) arrives in Boise

That really shouldn't be news, considering that today is June 21st, the official first day of summer. But it's been such a long, long wait through such an unseasonably cool, wet spring! Now the sun is shining, the roses are blooming, the trails are drying out, and at sunrise today, the rainbows were dancing in the spray from the windsurfers and kitesailors up on Lucky Peak lake. It's about time!

Last blast of summer?

Boise is basking in summer-like weather today, and has been all weekend; here, a windsurfer and kitesailors enjoy the sunny waters of Lucky Peak lake early this morning. After predicted highs of up to 90 degrees today, there’s a chance of rain tomorrow.

Fun in the sun…

OK, this time, I’m in the picture. Here, I’m windsurfing in the eastern Columbia River Gorge at “The Wall,” near Rufus, Ore., today. Later in the afternoon, when the wind picked up, the river swells got really big and smooth, and super-fun. It’s a bit smoky over here, but the wind is clearing it out.

Proof I’m not in Pocatello…

This is the Columbia River Gorge, where summer has arrived in earnest with warm weather and fun winds. No, I’m not pictured; I’m the one taking the photo, resting between sailing sessions.

A week on the water…

Here’s how I’ve been spending my time this week - windsurfing in the Columbia River Gorge. This shot is from Doug’s Beach earlier this week; it’s been great.

Meanwhile, political news has continued to break in Boise. Here’s a link to the announcement that 1st District Rep. Walt Minnick has been endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a leading business group, and here’s a link to rival Raul Labrador’s response to the endorsement, which charged that the Chamber has a “big-government tilt.” Also this week, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Keith Allred was endorsed by the former GOP Senate tax committee chairman, Hal Bunderson, who said current Gov. Butch Otter has allowed serious problems to develop in the state’s tax system and “now Idaho school kids are also paying the price.” You can read that announcement here.

And some GOP state lawmakers now say they won’t pledge loyalty to Idaho’s new state party platform, despite a candidate disclosure measure approved at the 2010 state convention last weekend asking them to do so. State Rep. Maxine Bell, R-Jerome, and Sen. Joe Stegner, of Lewiston, said the disclosure could be used to narrow the party’s base, not promote healthy debate. Rep. Carlos Bilbao, R-Emmett, told the AP he hasn’t decided what he’ll do, but has heard from “five or six” lawmakers who won’t sign any pledge. Click below to read the full story from AP reporter John Miller.

A day without rain…

The early light kisses the hills around Lucky Peak Lake this morning, just after sunrise, as a lone windsurfer skims across the lake. Boise’s cool, rainy spring has put a crimp on the usual spring recreation for this time of year, so today - forecast to be the one warm, sunny day of the week - drew people out early, from windsurfers and kitesailors to swimmers preparing for the upcoming Ironman triathlon. Chris Lee, pictured here, was the first out.

Wind on the water…

Here’s what I’ve been up to this week while I’m on vacation - one of my favorite pastimes, windsurfing in the Columbia River Gorge. It’s warm and windy here, and getting windier. I’m very happy. Back on Monday.

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