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MONDAY, NOV. 26, 2012

 (Brandon Seiler / Brandon Seiler)

Big news from Dodge @ the Seattle Auto Show

Dodge’s Ram trucks are still huge and meaty just the way you like em’. In my opinion no other American pickup has a beefier front end that perpetually appears to be trying to eat something. It was a difficult pill to swallow when Ram’s spokesperson...

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 (Brandon Seiler / Brandon Seiler)

Big news from Fisker @ the Seattle Auto Show

The first thing that struck me about Fisker’s display was that it appeared to have been left there untouched from last year’s show. It was in the exact same place on the showroom floor with the same single car in attendance: The $100,000 plugin-hybrid Karma....

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 (Brandon Seiler / Brandon Seiler)

Big news @ the Seattle Auto Show

Scoring a press pass to the Seattle Auto Show is kind of like finding a golden ticket in a Wonka Bar. Only the press pass doesn't come with the risk of being saddled with CEO duties to an ailing chocolate factory. It does come with...

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FRIDAY, NOV. 16, 2012

Dodge ‘Adult Toys’ of the 1970’s

Remember the 1970’s? They were nasty. Imagine a decade where you could buy a hot-rod Dodge pickup truck with semi-stack dual exhaust straight from the factory. That actually happened. Dodge called it the Little Red Express. It ran a high-performance Police Interceptor 360ci V8 and...

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SATURDAY, NOV. 3, 2012


2014 Forester nabs turbo BRZ engine

Subaru fans that lean towards the hippie end of the spectrum should get ready to flip their hemp wigs in the wind. I'm talking about Forester folk, the Northwesterny sort who admire the off road sport wagon charm of the first generation Outback. People, Subaru...

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 (MotorAuthority )

Turbo Lust - Subaru BRZ

Few new cars have made more people swoon this year than the $26,000 Subaru BRZ. By most everyone’s standards that’s had a chance to drive one it’s close to perfect for what it set out to be: A purist’s rear-wheel drive sports car, the kind...

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FRIDAY, NOV. 2, 2012


Yikes? Technology to keep seniors driving longer

We’ve all seen the cliché elderly person in a powder blue Cadillac doing a righteous 48mph on the freeway with their turn signal on. It’s annoying, dangerous and according to several new studies these active members of the greatest generation should be allowed to drive...

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