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Rant: Why parking lot etiquette matters

Driving a 1998 Subaru wagon with 205 thousand miles on it doesn’t put me in a hurry to get anywhere. I find keeping a lackadaisical throttle foot to be an effective survival technique designed to milk every remaining mile out my noble Japanese steed. It’s...

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PORTLAND, OREGON-March 12, 2012-- The new 2013 Ford Flex is launched in Portland, Oregon as media have the first opportunity to drive the new product. The new three-row, seven-passenger 2013 Ford Flex offers comfort and advanced technology in a distinctive package, including a sleek new front end, modern interior and unsurpassed fuel economy. (03/12/2012) (Ford Motor Company)

2013 Ford Flex is different by design

Every so often a car rolls down the pike that helps people just say no to minivans. The Ford Flex is one of those rare examples that aren’t burrowing out a new genre of soccer mom-mobiles in the crossover segment. With the utilitarian chops to...

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Mayor Anthony Foxx (City of Charlotte)

America’s next transportation secretary is…

When Ray LaHood announced early this year he would not return to serve a second term as the Department of Transportation Secretary, a door opened for Charlotte, N.C. Mayor Anthony Foxx. President Obama nominated the second-term Democrat Monday to pick up where LaHood will leave...

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MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2013

 (Mammuth Works, )

Mammuth Works RC car is scary big 

The classic remote control car is a simple, battery powered plaything small enough to fit on the shelf of the kids’ aisle at a grocery store. The latest RC project of the crazy people at Mammuth Works would have a hard time fitting through the...

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FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2013


The Hurricane Sandy Car Auctions

New York City is trying to auction off the last 535 abandoned vehicles of more than 3,300 that were displaced during Hurricane Sandy. To deal with the leftovers from the flood, NYC hired David R. Maltz auction house in Long Island to see if they...

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 (Icona )

Icona Vulcano smolders at Shanghai Auto Show

When Chinese-Italian auto designer Icona set out to produce a rolling example of their design muscle they came up with the Vulcano. Judging by the salivating crowds it attracted at the Shanghai Auto Show this month, there’s a good chance the hybrid supercar will see...

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 (Formula E Holdings )

Formula E burns up streets of Los Angeles

Formula E is on a mission to proliferate electric cars and sustainability around the world. To make the dream come true they’ve set out to create a global all-electric racing circuit designed to occupy the streets of major cities. The concept appears to be gaining...

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2013 Unimog makes being green look easy

If there’s ever been a definite sign times are changing rapidly in the auto industry it came this month with the reveal of the 2013 Unimog. The river fording, brick wall obliterating, apocalyptic survival ride of choice is now boasting that it can… be greener....

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MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2013


2013 Ford Focus: Ford's best-selling Focus continues the tradition of class-leading dynamics, safety and outstanding value in either four-door sedan or five-door hatchback bodystyle. (06/27/12) (Ford Motor Company)

Ford Focus is the word's best-selling car

Somewhere in Ford’s headquarters a room has been cleared out to make room for all the high-fiving that must be going on there. The tallies are in, and according to Polk’s annual vehicle-registration review, Ford sold 1,020,410 Focus’s worldwide in 2012, which makes it the...

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FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2013

 (Copyright Universal )

Ron Howard's "Rush" trailer released

Ol’ Opie Taylor is at it again. Ron Howard’s upcoming movie, Rush tells the larger than life true story of Formula One racecar drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda as they battled for the 1976 F1 Championship. By the looks of the trailer, cast, and...

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 (Detroit Electric )

Detroit Electric recharges with first car since 1939  

When Detroit Electric first opened shop in 1906, petroleum-powered automobiles were still battling electric cars to become the horse alternative to beat. Before they shut their doors in 1939, the electric pioneers put close to 13,000 pure-electric vehicles on the road. This month they’re ready...

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1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 (Copyright General Motors)

Is GM working on a new Chevelle?  

Hats off to GM Authority, whose stalkerish coverage of everything General Motors apparently extends to the United States Patents and Trademarks Office. The Authority uncovered GM recently applied for a handful of trademarks revolving around the “Chevelle” nameplate, which raises the question if we might...

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 (General Motors / Copyright General Motors)

420hp Cadillac twin turbo V6 is hungry for BMW’s  

Remember when Cadillac’s were bloated land yachts with pillow-soft suspensions? If Elvis were to see his beloved American luxury brand today he’d mess his leather jumpsuit. Cadillac’s new direction is aimed at world-beating performance. Their biggest stab at the likes of BMW and Mercedes thus...

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