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FRIDAY, DEC. 20, 2013

This Lego Car runs on air, and dreams!

Every so often, clever ( and slightly off-camber) visionaries remind us what a magical business tool the Internet can be. Australian entrepreneur Steve Sammartino and Romanian “self-taught technology genius” Raul Oaida are two examples. With the financial backing of 40 crowd-sourced patrons, Sammartino’s brainchild, dubbed...

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WEDNESDAY, DEC. 18, 2013

Durango sales skyrocket from ‘Anchorman 2’ ads

America’s favorite news anchor is proving he has the mustachioed charisma to sell a shocking number of Dodge Durango’s. With the release of ‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues’ fast approaching, Chrysler made the call to Ron Burgundy, better known as comedian Will Ferrell to help...

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MONDAY, DEC. 16, 2013

 (Tred / Tred)

Tred brings car test drives to your door

Traditionally car dealerships have been taxed with overcoming a major schism in their business plan: Most people don’t like to shop at car dealerships, yet most people are sold on a car only after having a chance to test drive it. That’s where Seattle startup...

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SATURDAY, DEC. 14, 2013

The right way to handle a car rollover

Outside of performing daredevil work or insurance fraud, rolling a car rarely has a positive outcome. Along with being terrifying and potentially lethal, a car rollover usually comes with a large side of embarrassment. That’s what makes the stone-cold lady in this dash-cam rollover video...

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FRIDAY, DEC. 13, 2013

 (Ward's Auto  / Ward's Auto )

Ward’s 10 Best Engines of 2014

The core of automaker attempts to meet skyrocketing fuel economy requirements in 2016 are under the hoods of their cars. In the 20th year of Ward’s 10 Best Engines competition, only two winners are carryovers from last year. By the looks of the fresh top...

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