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FRIDAY, DEC. 20, 2013, 1:31 P.M.

This Lego Car runs on air, and dreams!

Every so often, clever ( and slightly off-camber) visionaries remind us what a magical business tool the Internet can be.  Australian entrepreneur Steve Sammartino and Romanian “self-taught technology genius” Raul Oaida are two examples.  With the financial backing of 40 crowd-sourced patrons, Sammartino’s brainchild, dubbed Super Awesome Micro Project is now a reality. 

From the cryptic Super Awesome Micro Project prospectus:

“The project is one of those things that is cool, but in reality can only be done once. In some ways it is a stunt, but with meaning. It has important implications for technology and the world it is creating. For all those involved it will bring credibility. For the public I am certain it will create deep curiosity.”

“If you are prepared to put in $500 then you can call me directly on +61 438 779 566 for the final information verbally.  I will not publish the details.” (1)

With funding secured, the completed project turned out to be a hotrod built using over half a million Lego pieces.  A minimal number of components, such as the wheels, tires, gauges etc., are not made of Legos, but most certainly would have been if it was feasible.

The toy beast is powered by four orbital Lego engines using a grand total of 256 pistons.  Sammarito says his Lego-rod tops out near speeds of 18mph, although, “We were scared of a lego explosion so we drove it slowly,” he said. (2)   


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