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SUNDAY, JULY 28, 2013, 12:36 P.M.

Shotgun car used in assassination attempt

 (The Telegraph )
(The Telegraph )

Czech pawn shop owner Radovan Krejcir watched as twelve shotgun barrels opened fire on his Mercedes-Benz.  The blasts peppered the passenger-side window of his bullet-proof car; an obvious attempt to assassinate the wanted business owner in the doldrums of his daily routine.  This is car news, as the assassin was a red Volkswagen Cross Polo. 

The VW sat parked across from where Krejcir parks his Benz each work day outside of his Johannesburg, South Africa pawn shop.  Hidden beneath the Polo’s license plate, a dozen shotguns waited for the businessman’s arrival.  When Krecjcir rolled in and emerged from his car to take a call on his cell phone, the shots erupted from the unmanned Volkswagen.  Krejcir escaped unscathed and lightheartedly informed Eyewitness News

“All my life is like James Bond stuff.  That's how I live my life."

The Volkswagen caught fire after the shooting, leading to speculation the blaze may have been rigged to intentionally destroy evidence.  Then again, twelve blazing-hot shotgun barrels were never intended to reside in the undercarriage of a Cross Polo.  Either way Krejcir appears to be a man worthy of such a James Bond-esque display of attempted murder. 

The Associated Press reports that Krejcir is a player in the Johannesburg underground, and that he fled Czechoslovakia after avoiding a police raid in 2005 stemming from alleged tax evasion. 

Do Bond movies cause this sort of inventive violence?  If so they might also inspire a guy like Krejcir to bullet-proof his car – apparently for good reason.    



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