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America’s next transportation secretary is…

When Ray LaHood announced early this year he would not return to serve a second term as the Department of Transportation Secretary, a door opened for Charlotte, N.C. Mayor Anthony Foxx.  President Obama nominated the second-term Democrat Monday to pick up where LaHood will leave soon leave off.  The President is hoping Foxx’s impressive track record of overseeing successful transportation projects in Charlotte will translate to a national scale.   

Obama’s Beast breaks down in Israel

Well this is embarrassing.  While topping off at an Israeli gas station today, President Barack Obama’s presidential limousine, known as the “Beast” was accidentally filled with diesel fuel instead of gasoline.  

Obama has tax protest license plate

Millions of people watched President Barack Obama’s motorcade cruise down Pennsylvania Avenue on the way to his inauguration this month.  Anyone who looked closely may have noticed his limo, ‘The Beast’ featured a license plate that reads “Taxation Without Representation.”  The plate is a rolling protest for equal voting rights in Washington D.C.  Per Obama’s request similar plates will soon be added to the vehicles in his presidential fleet. 

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