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Jean-Claude Van Damme does the Volvo splits

This month creative genius surfaced in Volvo’s advertising department.  The team's task was simple:  Devise a commercial that demonstrates the precision and stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering that is now available in the automaker’s FM commercial truck.  It appears that after several days of fasting and listening to Enya’s “Only Time”, a hazy aberration of Jean-Claude Van Damme materialized before them.  He was performing his famous splits, perched atop the mirrors of two Volvo FM trucks as they backed into a sunset…

Don’t miss a behind the scenes conversation between Van Damme and the technician that developed the new steering system here.

Arlen’s Transmission makes an epic viral ad

When local businesses set out to make a crappy low-budget television ad they have two basic options.  Most opt to stick with a safe run of the mill spot that features narration from a voice actor that may or may not be a robot, and a jingle that’s only catchy because it threatens to make your ears bleed.  Arlen’s Transmission of Burbank, California decided to take the road less traveled and sling together a commercial that celebrates basement-level production value with a self-deprecating sense of humor.  The result is an epic ad called “Shift It” starring the shop’s sexually-suggestive owner, ‘Goorgen’. Be forewarned:  Goorgen knows his way around a transmission as well as he does the persuasive art of innuendo.                

Jeff Gordon Pepsi prank was staged

As I write this, a prank video for Pepsi starring Jeff Gordon and a Chevrolet Camaro is approaching 31 million views on Youtube, two weeks after being posted.  It doesn’t matter the whole thing was staged with actors, or that Jeff Gordon was replaced by a stunt driver.  The scenario alone struck social media gold. 

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