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10 questions for a Ford electrification expert

Driving an electric car these days comes with a caveat you won’t find in the owner’s manual.  Somewhere in the small print of the lease agreement a line reads:  “By agreeing to these terms you accept guerilla public relations duties for electric vehicles everywhere.”  During my loan of a Ford Focus Electric, literally everyone I spoke with about the car felt obligated to bring up a laundry list of reasons they thought electric cars would never catch on.  Eventually I collapsed under the negativity and phoned Gil Portalatin, Ford Hybrid and Battery Electrification Systems expert for support. 

One week with a Ford Focus Electric

Electric cars are a lot like Pit Bulls.  No matter how many supportive things are said about them, they still frighten a good portion of the population.  Still, under the right circumstances, driving an electric car is a realistic proposition for those willing to take a few concessions on the chin.  Seattle for example, has developed an advanced charging infrastructure where early adopters can swear off gasoline completely.  As a coffee-swilling member of the Emerald paradise, I tightened the Velcro straps on my sandals (to keep my socks up) and decided to see if I too could survive a week driving an electric car - a Ford Focus to be exact. 

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