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Two NASCAR crewmembers charged with post-race assault

A boot to the groin is rarely well-received in a sporting event, especially when it’s perceived to be intentional.  After the conclusion of a Nationwide race at Richmond International Raceway Friday, driver Brian Scott approached Nelson Piquet Jr. in the pits to exchange unpleasantries over a collision the two were involved in. 

NRA will sponsor its first major NASCAR race in Texas

Were it not for the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary it probably wouldn’t be news the Texas 500 will soon become the NRA 500.  In the wake of the tragedy questions are being raised as to the timing behind the NRA’s decision to purchase its first major NASCAR sponsorship. 

NASCAR’s Air Titan says “no” to Mother Nature

When a NASCAR race is delayed by rain spectators run the risk of slipping into boredom - nature’s curse for the idle.  Enter the new “Air-Titan” track drying system.  NASCAR believes it will reduce track drying times by up to 80% with a system of trucks heroically dubbed “Air Titans”.    

NASCAR fans critically injured in Daytona wreck

If it weren’t for the catch fences during the Drive4COPD 300 this weekend it’s likely a number of NASCAR fans could have been killed.  On the last lap of the race 12 cars were caught in an accident that sent Kyle Larson’s car air-born and careening hood-first towards the grandstands.

Kurt Busch the most hated man in motorsports?

Kurt Busch has a temper problem, the sort that makes him threaten to punch people during interviews.  As much as celebrity divas are celebrated in the media Bush’s shenanigans seem out of place in the world of NASCAR.  He’s a man of fiery distinction.  This month he appeared for the second consecutive year as the only representative from the motorsports world on Forbes’ list of “America’s Most Disliked Athletes.” 

Michael Waltrip will drive Sandy Hook benefit car at Daytona 500

To raise money for the Sandy Hook Special Support Fund Michael Waltrip will drive a speical car in the Daytona 500.  Waltrip's number will be changed from his usual No. 30 to No. 26 to honor the 20 children and six adults killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting. 

Gen-6 car wreck at Daytona a good sign for NASCAR

The first attempt at pack drafting with NASCAR’s new Gen-6 race car didn’t go well. The twelve car wreck took place in testing for the 2013 Daytona 500 next month where the Gen-6 will make its official debut.  Since nobody was hurt NASCAR fans should be especially happy the mishap was caused in large part by a car that’s designed to bring a lost excitement back to the sport.

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