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2013 Unimog makes being green look easy

If there’s ever been a definite sign times are changing rapidly in the auto industry it came this month with the reveal of the 2013 Unimog.  The river fording, brick wall obliterating, apocalyptic survival ride of choice is now boasting that it can… be greener.  It appears that in order to survive upcoming Euro V1 emissions standards, Unimog’s newest claim to fame will be the way in which it manages to take good care of Mother Nature.  

10 questions for a Ford electrification expert

Driving an electric car these days comes with a caveat you won’t find in the owner’s manual.  Somewhere in the small print of the lease agreement a line reads:  “By agreeing to these terms you accept guerilla public relations duties for electric vehicles everywhere.”  During my loan of a Ford Focus Electric, literally everyone I spoke with about the car felt obligated to bring up a laundry list of reasons they thought electric cars would never catch on.  Eventually I collapsed under the negativity and phoned Gil Portalatin, Ford Hybrid and Battery Electrification Systems expert for support. 

The Corvette Stingray is back

Corvette is America’s sports car and for the money is supposed to be the best on the planet.  The last time Chevrolet adorned a Vette with the epic Stingray moniker was in 1976; a year Greg Brady could have embarrassed it with the family station wagon.  Chevrolet made a bold statement this month with the reveal of a completely redesigned machine they believe is once again worthy of the Stingray name.  Well, there are two carryover parts:  A roof panel latch and a cabin air filter. 

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