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Icona Vulcano smolders at Shanghai Auto Show

When Chinese-Italian auto designer Icona set out to produce a rolling example of their design muscle they came up with the Vulcano.  Judging by the salivating crowds it attracted at the Shanghai Auto Show this month, there’s a good chance the hybrid supercar will see limited production.  Although with five models total being considered for development, most of the world's ultra-rich playboys will have to settle for more conventional rides, such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini. 

Steven Tyler’s $1.1million charity-mobile

Former American Idol judge and Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler is no stranger to fast times.  His lust for life extends to the road where he’ll now be able to feel the wind in his lips at 275mph.  He recently purchased one of only five Hennessey Venom GTs produced last year for a cool $1.1 million.  Before anyone questions what good could possibly come from Steven Tyler driving at close to 300mph, it should be noted that he uses his new toy to grab headlines for charity. 

LaFerrari is fastest, most powerful & expensive stallion ever

El Nino is Spanish for “The Nino.” LaFerrari is Italian for “The Ferrari.”  Yes, the Italian automaker’s new flagship supercar has a ridiculous name that will probably haunt it for the rest of its existence, but that doesn’t make it any less of a bombshell.  Not only is it the most powerful, fastest and expensive car Ferrari has ever produced, it’s also their first ever production hybrid. 

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