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Bad timing for Toyota’s “Go Fun Yourself” slogan

Before Toyota got slapped with a brutal $1.2billion fine for lying to the public about vehicle defects that lead to injuries and deaths in their vehicles, the Japanese automaker was having fun with an unorthodox marketing slogan.  To drum up excitement for the 2014 Aygo, Toyota released a promotional video that urged consumers to “Go Fun Yourself”.  The ad’s soundtrack is a song entitled ‘I Love It’ by Icona Pop that features the lyrics:  ‘I crashed my car into the bridge. I watched, I let it burn… I don’t care, I love it.’  Just saying – maybe not the best message to send while being investigated by the United States government for trying to cover up unintended acceleration issues in your cars.   

Segway + Car + Mood Ring = Toyota FV2 concept

Toyota plans on blowing minds at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show this month with the reveal of their FV2 concept.  The super-futurist ride steers, brakes, and accelerates in accordance with the body movements of its driver.  If that isn’t Sci-Fi enough for you, it also changes color by noticing the driver’s mood, using voice and image recognition technology.  But wait; it gets weirder.   

Toyota, Audi ready to show self-driving cars

Imagine a future were you would smile and wave at your blind neighbor as he got into his car to drive himself to work.  A day where you’d be the crazy one for waiving at a blind guy and his commute would be perfectly safe. This is a future that Toyota and Audi are working on.

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