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Jean-Claude Van Damme does the Volvo splits

This month creative genius surfaced in Volvo’s advertising department.  The team's task was simple:  Devise a commercial that demonstrates the precision and stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering that is now available in the automaker’s FM commercial truck.  It appears that after several days of fasting and listening to Enya’s “Only Time”, a hazy aberration of Jean-Claude Van Damme materialized before them.  He was performing his famous splits, perched atop the mirrors of two Volvo FM trucks as they backed into a sunset…

Don’t miss a behind the scenes conversation between Van Damme and the technician that developed the new steering system here.

Volvo cyclist detection system is world’s first

If Volvo sticks to their guns there might come a day when having an accident in one their vehicles simply isn’t possible.  This month the company unveiled an enhanced version of their pedestrian detection system that is now capable of avoiding collisions with bicycle-specific situations.  As depicted in a demonstration video, the system reacts to the nerve-racking situations that can arise when bicycles and cars attempt to share the road.   

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