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Kick-start Reverie—Hump Day…

Good morning, Netizens...

Having written yet another piece about Spokane, and having had a chance to catch my breath, I head immediately for The Virtual Ballroom and Espresso Bar simply for no other reason than, contrary to what it might seem to some, it is home in inner and blog-space not only to myself but others. When the business of the day is prepared, the stage set for another hectic day on the tarmac, my last stop before I begin the real business of the day is the Virtual Espresso Bar and a brief visit with the Ghosts of the Virtual Ballroom.

Why do we have Ghosts in Community Comment? Why, because this Blog is half-fantasy half reality, just as most of the national news is most days. You have to watch our lips. If we are moving our lips as if we are talking to someone you cannot see, we are probably talking to one or more of our Ghosts. Either that or we are muttering deprecations; you choose which reality you want. The comments about our bleeping Speedos? There isn't a single person present in Community Comment who would not, given a chance, become as svelte, beautiful and genuinely gorgeous as those whom we accord our adulation. So, perhaps out of vanity, and our innate ability to enjoy humor at our own expenses, we create a virtual world where each of us can be whatever our hearts desire.

The Virtual Espresso, however, is an entirely different matter. If money were no object, and time of no concern, I would willingly foot the bill to buy each person who participates in our little community a cup of their favorite potion and spend an hour or two with each person. Why? That is my nature, pure and simple. Where I come from you try to love one another. Since my finances are limited and my disposable time gets squeezed pretty tightly as it is, I have to “make do” with what I've got. In my fantasy world, which is what Community Comment has been since day one, there will always be a candy-apple red Virtual Espresso Bar with chrome hand rails where anyone can sit, reflectively sipping the Espresso Blend of the Day, and discussing whatever pleases or ails thee.

Having said that, here comes our barrista of the day, a Ghost known well to many named Virgil. Smiling deeply, he slides a cup of the virtual blend of the day across the weathered bar in front of me and intones, “It is called “Corollaries” because there are always corollaries between the past, present and future and because of this, awareness of the three brings wisdom.”

Taking my first sip of the day after several days spent making tough decisions, I see where although somewhat elusive, wisdom should always be my goal and watchword. I take another deep sip and I see where I am, after all, still just a human being, and thus subject to frailty. Not the best way to start Hump Day, by any means, but matters could be much worse.

Here is hoping your day is filled with joy and wisdom. The Virtual Espresso of the Day is on me.


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