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Pot Heads Fantasy—Picture of the Day 07/12/2008

Good morning, Netizens...

This morning's picture is a pot head's dream. Here a soldier from Colombia walks among packs of seized marijuana at a military base in Cali, Colombia. (AP Photo/Christian Escobar Mora) (July 11, 2008)

This brings a new term for our Word of the Day feature that runs each work day of the week: Megapot. Yes, I can see the pot heads of America positively slobbering over their computer screens, given the number of kilos of Megapot shown in this picture. Why, there's enough dope to make a Drug Enforcement officer's name rise dramatically in the personnel roster. For that matter, there's enough dope there to ensure a pot head will never have to make surreptitious deals with dealers in back alleys again. Yes, and we can assume semi-permanent high for anyone possessing so much bud.

Of course, we can make some assumptions about how the Army of Colombia came to possess so much pot to begin with.

Someone at one or more ports of entry into the United States are positively in a state of mourning, while DEA officials are gloating.

People are losing sleep over so much dope falling into the government's hands. Somebody spilled the beans about this huge pot shipment and probably paid for it with their lives. Snitches do not have a good life expectancy in the world of big-time drug dealers. Drug dealers have a tendency to never forget a snitch or a crooked cop, either one.

Just remember, this is free enterprise at work. Although big dealers in the United States probably are crying in their drug bowls right about now, this means there are a few other entrepreneurial types in the world who are trying to organize an even bigger shipment, all the while keeping an eye on the Colombian Army and the DEA, of course. It's a never-ending for-profit type of enterprise.

Now were this shipment legitimate and legal and paid taxes in the United States, can you imagine the amount of taxes that would be due and payable? We could retire the National Debt with just a few shipments, couldn't we? We could even buy all the Congress Critters it would take to legalize marijuana in one or two shipments.

Ah, the things pot can do to your brain! Such as believe pot will ever be legalized.


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