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Wed., July 30, 2008, 7:13 a.m.

Iran’s Nuclear Capability…

Good morning, Netizens...

Originally I wasn't going to touch this scenario because we have discussed the electromagnetic pulse war scenario somewhat before, but now it seems there might be that plans in Iran might be destined that way. Let's set the stage briefly with the name of the source for what little information we have been told.

If you do not already know the name Kenneth Timmerman, you probably should become at least familiar with his past writing, including the fact he was once up for the Nobel Prize for Peace. Although some of the media pundits have repeatedly hammered the fact home that he is a super-conservative writer, what nobody seems to notice is that he has a pretty-decent record when it comes to delivering accurate news about the Middle East, and that should count for something. He does tend to be a bit “out there” but in this case, he is sounding an alarm that someone should be watching closely. Here's the article he wrote about Iran's nuclear intentions:

Timmerman Article

According to Timmerman, Iran is planning a nuclear strike on the United States. They just do not have the necessary components to build even a dirty bomb, yet. However, they are testing missiles from the Caspian Sea, which they are launching into near-space and then blowing them up. This does not, according to Timmerman, appear to be just another missile test.

Ostensibly once Iran obtains a nuclear warhead of some type, Iran wants to lob one or more nukes from offshore of the United States into near-space and explode the bomb(s) there, thus creating an EMP wave of monumental proportions. How big, you ask? There are several ways to interpret past knowledge of the electromagnetic pulse, including several tests done in the Pacific decades ago. However, a medium-sized bomb lobbed over let's say, New York City, and exploded in near-space would easily create an EMP wave that would stop the electronics of most of the East Coast of the United States in its tracks. Wall Street closes down--way down.Anything with a computer would stop working, including cars, computers and almost any electronic controls for the electrical grid. We could return to the eighteenth century in a heartbeat.

Some sources, including Timmerman, insist it would impact the entire country. I did some research into the history of what we know about EMP and I think not, but that is up for debate. It could reach as far as Florida and Chicago if the numbers are credible.

Just think, one dirty little bomb and in effect, Iran could in essence cripple this country worse than Osama Bin Laden.

A cargo container vessel containing one (or more) of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Scud or Shahab-3 missiles launches from just outside American waters, and the nuke explodes in near-space. Things stop working.

Is Timmerman credible? Before you answer that, ask yourself, how close is Iran to acquiring the nuclear warhead to put atop that missile?

Somber thoughts, this morning.


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