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Kevin Coe — the choice is his… or is it?

Good morning, Netizens...

First, let's rewind the tape on Kevin Coe a bit and peer at him through the eyes of history. I was not living in Spokane during his two year reign of terror on the South Hill, and yet, as a bystander to history, I felt compelled to attend the latter part of the only criminal trial where he was ever brought to bear for having violently raped a woman. That smug, self-satisfied and even arrogant look on his face as they brought him into the court room each day still sits in my mind to this day, and upon hearing the evidence of that criminal trial, I felt more than satisfied that he was guilty of far more rapes than just the single offense he was charged with.

I mistakenly believed in the beginning there must have been something wrong with all the other cases, some credibility issue that prevented police detectives from filing other charges. I was naïve enough to think that had they the evidence, surely they would have filed on all the cases that allegedly took place. They did not file, and thus I pondered just how guilty Coe really was.

Then six months later, after Coe was sent to prison, I met Shelly Monahan in person and it was then I saw through her eyes the terrible impact that smug popinjay self-appointed real estate mogul had on Monahan and other women's lives. Along with her horrific story other facts began to emerge.

Perhaps the most damning fact, one that is totally unimpeachable, is that once Kevin Coe was put in prison, the rapes by the South Hill Rapist stopped. Oh, to be certain, there were other rapes, other sick individuals committing other crimes, but the particular type of rapes, where a pattern of depravity repeated itself over and over like a record player skipping time after time, those rapes stopped.

Although Coe continued to assert his innocence of all charges the entire time he was in prison, there is little doubt in my mind of his guilt, at least the one trial I saw. There is little doubt in my mind that the various other victims were telling the truth, either. On the other hand, using a jury to determine a criminal's potential to re-offend crimes is what the courts may have to determine upon appeal.

He does have the keys to his own freedom. What are they, in my opinion?

Complete and total confession of his past rapes with written apologies to everyone he has caused anguish.

Complete the state treatment program for sexual offenders which he has refused to perform thus far.

If released, he must be monitored for the rest of his life by parole and other supervisors.

Should Kevin Coe be put away for the rest of his life? If not, why not?


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