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And the baby slept through it all…

Good morning, Netizens...

As I was watching Governor Sarah Palin step through her paces last night, eventually delivering her canned speech before an ecstatic convention floor, I was utterly amazed at how this tiny infant managed to remain asleep throughout the entire raucous event. The thought continually bubbled up, upwanted, in my mind, why would they bring an infant, to the floor of the Republican National Convention? What purpose did it serve?

I wondered several times, as raucous demonstrations erupted around where the baby slept in Cindy McCain's arms, how a baby would sleep with all the applause and screaming delegates present? Call it being jaundiced or perhaps overly-distrustful, but could it be possible they handed the baby a mild tranquilizer mixed in with its pablum just before arriving at the Convention?

Furthermore, I mused over how much of a distraction it was. Did American television viewers or the members of the Convention demand that all of Sarah Palin's progeny be present on the stage when she completed her acceptance speech? If you were a candidate about to give an acceptance speech on national television, would you bring your baby to the show, or would you hire a wet nurse to tend him until afterward?

I did not learn a damned thing about Sarah Palin last night, other than how well she and various members of her extended family, including Cindy McCain, conducted their business while the tiny infant seemingly slept unaware of the high drama unfolding around him. Tonight all I learned about Governor Sarah Palin is how well she handles a Teleprompter, and I give her passing grades for that. I learned very little about the McCain campaign's assessment of its political standing with women, or working families, or social conservatives. Whether you're learning what Sarah Palin really thinks or feels is anybody's guess. That represents the most troublesome aspect of Vice-President Sarah Palin to me, because she is now one heartbeat away from the Oval Office and I still know very little about her.

I did note that Palin's speech entirely ignored the needs and wants of middle-class families, but after all, this is the Republican National Convention. I didn't expect they would waste any valuable time on the teleprompter talking about that or any other valuable social causes.


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