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At the end of a long day…

Buckminster Fuller -- Picture Credit UC Berkeley Archives (The Spokesman-Review)
Buckminster Fuller -- Picture Credit UC Berkeley Archives (The Spokesman-Review)

Good evening Netizens…

Tonight as I tiredly limped across the floor of the Virtual Ballroom, it seemed to be all I could do to return the salute of the ghostly doorman standing just inside the doorway only moments earlier. Today I set a record of sorts at Community Comment, because it was the first and only day since its inception that I have been absent without official leave. Something hideous came up, a technical issue which required not only my absolute attention to detail, but also meant I was unable to assume my normal seat at the Virtual Espresso Bar since the day it first opened its magic espresso spigots nearly a year ago.

I sat down in my accustomed seat with a relieved sigh, for although there was a time many years ago when I could work a fifteen hour day and still have sufficient energy to dance all night (well maybe some of the night) but today, at an age that is admittedly older than dirt, I am relieved to be sitting in my accustomed place, my work completed, my feet resting , my mind unwinding as I listen gratefully to the Ghostly Orchestra on the other side of the Ballroom playing some antique piece of jazz featuring the ghosts of some of the greatest sidemen and women in jazz history.

The barrista, a Ghost of one of my ultimate lifetime heroes, Buckminster Fuller, sidles up to me in front of the bar and with a quizzical look, slides a cup of the custom espresso of the day before me.

“It has no name, Sir,” he intones gently. “I know that it is traditional among the various ghosts who have served as baristas here to come up with unique or perhaps even touching names for the brew of the day, but given your exhausted mien, and the lateness of the hour, I think its soothing nature requires no appellation save to say it will relax you and allow you to achieve a deep and fulfilling rest.”

“I once used to work as you have done today”, he continued, “and its reward was when each day was done, I had achieved something, for anything was better than listening to the hollow sounds of ambivalence or boredom dripping into my empty consciousness.”

It was true, at my age each day seems to be a new achievement, I thought momentarily to myself, as I delicately sipped the relaxing brew, for there are some in life who are satisfied to premature obsolescence or customary frivolous ways, but I have always wanted more.

As I sit, preparing to return home for the night, I see I have achieved some of what I sought, for the Virtual Ballroom is alive and harmonious swaying to the songs from the stars, and there is, here and there, conversations which fulfills my everyday dreams are taking place.

From the heart of the Virtual Ballroom, my friends, it is time for me to rest. May yours be as soothing and fulfilling as you could ever ask them to be.


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