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You haven’t seen anything yet?

David Horsey,,Seattle Post-Intelligencer (The Spokesman-Review)
David Horsey,,Seattle Post-Intelligencer (The Spokesman-Review)

Good morning, Netizens...

In this morning's David Horsey political cartoon, David Horsey's wit has been supplanted with some wisdom. Despite the liberties with which he has created a caricature of President Obama attired as General George Washington at Valley Forge, there is some profound wisdom in what the cartoon implies.

Feeling the pinch as your once-abundant 401k has steadily shriveled up to the size of a pencil lead? What? You have forgotten how small that is? Tired of reading how our country is steadily losing more and more jobs but grateful it is happening somewhere else, not in our back yard? Hell, you still go to work each day, don't you? Do you tire of reading about the rising number of the homeless, feeling reassured that could never happen to you? Do you ever worry as yet another bank has failed, leaving economic chaos in its wake? Is the Dow Jones driving you the poorhouse instead of into prosperity?

On the other hand, now that you have recovered from your ecstatic euphoria from watching the Obama Inauguration and the festivities that followed, it may be getting colder than we might admit.

Yes, as we come tap-dancing back from our collective memories of the various mountaintop experiences, the seemingly-inexhaustible Presidential Inauguration celebrations that rambled gaily across Washington DC, while we sat on the edge of a stygian wind-blasted plain of economic danger, deprivation and need, we might have stumbled across another vision.

Out of the darkness and chilling cold, a harbinger of the past rises up from the ground and shakes a finger in our faces, admonishing us all to beware. It is time to face reality because we haven't seen anything yet. Dress warmly. It may get cold.


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