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Sarah Palin resignation confusing…

Palin (The Spokesman-Review)
Palin (The Spokesman-Review)

Good morning, Netizens...

Sarah Palin announced yesterday she is stepping down as Governor of Alaska effective July 26. In reading her comments made before a small news media pool in Wasilla, Alaska, she left not only her supporters but portions of the entire Republican National Party asking what is going on. Her rambling statement yesterday, the day before a three day holiday, did not exactly leave anyone clues about her intentions regarding the Presidential election in 2012. After all, she had two years left to serve in her term as governor, two more years spent collecting a good paycheck while basking in the limelight of her run for the Vice Presidency.

Unsubstantiated rumors persist, including a few suggested by the Huffington Post, that a major criminal investigation is underway, and that Palin resigned to avoid further fallout. Other sources suggest it is just another way for Palin to quietly fire up an election campaign for 2012's Presidential election, all the while making more money than her current salary as Governor of Alaska.

At present, there is not one lick of evidence that would quickly explain her actions, other than she wants out of the public limelight. Of course, every blogger and nincompoop between here and Tuskogee, Oklahoma (and beyond) are touting the latest rumors and half-baked facts on the Internet, but there are not a lot of facts to go on.

I could easily go on and on about the reasons why I think Sarah Palin made her move at this time. Unfortunately, I do not have a shred, one scintilla of evidence that I can point to to justify Palin's actions. I cannot even point to how something really big is going to break in the near future.

Sarah Palin rocked the Republican Party by being nontraditional, all the while espousing wholesome American values in the face of a out-of-control Fourth Estate, who tried eagerly to make her appear like a complete idiot. Now that a bit more history has unraveled, it appears that a few more staunch Republicans have proven what idiots they are by their unfaithfulness to their spouses and families, to mention a few other subliminal crimes.

Maybe she's just sick of politics? Now that would make sense.


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