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What other news is there?

Another day in the barber shop. David Horsey,,
There is real news hiding behind Jackson's death. (The Spokesman-Review)
Another day in the barber shop. David Horsey,, There is real news hiding behind Jackson's death. (The Spokesman-Review)

Good morning, Netizens...

Here we are, another wonderful summer day in the Virtual Ballroom, and while the Ghosts are gathered in hushed groups throughout the ballroom, whispering no doubt of the death of Michael Jackson under what appear to be mysterious circumstances, the news wires, always chattering in their arcane manner behind the Virtual Espresso Bar never cease telling the tales of Michael Jackson. However, as this David Horsey cartoon for the day clearly shows, there is other news out there. Peer closely, if you will, at the cast of characters waiting for their hair appointments.

We have lots of news. News. News. News. This is because, somewhere across the face of this sphere we call home, someone is being very indiscreet, very stupid or just plain misbehaving and someone else is there with a camera and tape recorder to record the entire sordid event. Politicians are so predictable, as one ghost stated recently. Most of them seem to have a profound problem remaining faithful to their wives by keeping their pants zipped. Damned concubines are always making matrimonial faithfulness so difficult, aren't they? Or is it the politicians themselves who have difficulties? This, of course, begs the question how many female politicians feel compelled to be unfaithful to their spouses, doesn't it? Did Governor Mark Sanford learn anything in his trip to Argentina?

Normally we would hear about it almost immediately, and cluck our tongues that such things happen in our times. However, with nearly everyone in the news media covering the death of Michael Jackson, some news stories may have been overlooked in the haste to tell the tale of a terribly talented but sad life.

History, that guardian of all past transgressions and some new ones that are breaking, is sitting over beside the pit where the Virtual Orchestra still plays onward, recording whether all the hue and fury about Michael Jackson was worth it. In the meantime, there are lots of other worthy news stories, as David Horsey so aptly points out for us this morning.


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