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Sat., Nov. 28, 2009, 8:11 p.m.

Things I am thankful for…

 Good evening, Netizens...

After some prolonged introspection, a bit of meditation and some considerable prayer, I have belatedly come up with the things for which I am most-thankful in 2009. They are presented in no particular order, but are submitted more for the sake of clarity than anything else.

I am always and forever thankful for my wife, without whose stern guidance, gentle reminders, seductive mind and tremendous insight into what it means to be a woman in modern society I could easily become a pompous, uninformed and highly-opinionated ass. No, she did not bribe me to make this statement, for it is a statement of historically-provable fact.

I have been and still am thankful for the rich cornucopia of friends and loved ones who constantly render me guidance, allegiance and wisdom. My attempts at acumen and my purported intelligence would be a wasted affair were it not for those to whom I listen most-closely, whose opinions and ideas help shape me, give me focus and more often than not set me on the right track.

I am and will continue to be an unapologetic American, thankful for my heritage and hopeful for our nation's future. We, as a nation, have screwed up royally throughout history, for we have totally ignored the lessons of history at times. Yet despite all our dimples and warts we still stand tall as one of the greatest nations in the world. Our two greatest freedoms, freedom of speech and freedom of the press still stand tall and those two gifts of history few can equal.

Despite numerous brushes with death in all its permutations, and despite the fact I soon will be turning 64 years of age, I am thankful my health remains about what one could hope for from a sinner who has pushed the envelope of life about as far as one could while still remaining on his feet.

Having said that, perhaps I am thankful for the gifts of history most of all. I have seen television in the day of its infancy when it was awe-inspiring at times and even funny; it has been transformed into a wasteland of laugh tracks. I have seen computers as big as a house owned by mega-corporations change over time to where well-kept homes all have the power of the Internet and let it become as a play land for dolts. More sadly perhaps I have seen the ancient and spacious beauty of our land transformed where beauteous ancient orchards once stood, where a human could stand in the evening mist among the aroma of freshly-budding trees, to where only tract homes now exist. I possess all this in my memory's store and more.

What are you most thankful for?


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