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Mon., Sept. 7, 2009, 8:56 p.m.

American parents gone mad????

Photo Credit AP (The Spokesman-Review)
Photo Credit AP (The Spokesman-Review)

Good evening, Netizens...

I have been covertly listening to the news over the long weekend, but one of the news items that most often caught my ear was the number of schools that were refusing to carry the television broadcast of his speech to school children tomorrow. Some children will be kept at home by their misguided parents to avoid any chance they might be “indoctrinated” by Obama's speech.

I have tried to comprehend or even understand what the right-wing, wingnut Republican extremists have been saying, but cannot simply because they are saying nothing here that is rooted in logic or sensible rational thought, but is based in fear and ignorance. In fact, having read a great deal of this spewing taking place from the Republican Right Wing, I am even more convinced this is nothing less than racism, albeit disguised in a great number of ways, but still racism at its worst.

I suspect, but cannot prove, that most of these parents reside in areas of the country where there are few black citizens, where blacks hold few positions of power. Could it be possible that the “caring parents” simply do not want their children to ever witness a young, well-educated black man who is so powerful? Could it be that the parents are committing the worst kind of indoctrination of all, as they want the next generation of their families to be as hideously racist as those who preceded them in history?

There are some in the ultra-conservative Republican right wing who would have us believe President Obama is a radical, a terrorist, a goon with horns and out to destroy America. He is just black, and that seems to truly bring out the race hatred in some people.

I have read the real Obama speech on the White House web site that he will be giving to school kids tomorrow, at least those willing to hear a message of hope, as opposed to some of the not-so-clever forgeries I have read today. President Obama has seven more years to rescue America from its own disgusting dependence upon racist ideologues and half-baked hatred. It makes me sick.

Of course, your opinions may differ.


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