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The churches versus gay marriage…

Good morning, Netizens...

The hue and cry is being raised by nearly everyone over gay marriage rights as a result of the pending court case for/against California's Proposition 8, but we need to more carefully consider who opposes gay marriage so virulently with perhaps a poor man's opinion.

The effort has been lead primarily by ultra-traditional Catholic scholars that have attempted to create a new natural law that would support the traditional Catholic positions on sex -- that masturbation, all gay sex, contraception, all sex between unmarried adult straights, and oral and digital sex by straight married couples are all grievous sins. Uf da! If the traditional Catholics have their way, just about any sex other than between married male-female couples free of any “hanky-panky” or experimentation is forbidden fruit.

According to the church, the only sanctified marital state that can exist in the church is between man and wife. This, of course, comes from the church perhaps best-known for purportedly celibate priests who have a history of sexual child abuse. It has only recently from the Pontiff that such behavior between priests and children violates church laws.

Then we have the Mormons who oppose any and all homosexuality in all its various forms. While they are handing down the laws they also oppose all sex outside of straight adult marriage, despite their lengthy history of condoning plural marriages until 1890, although there are still fundamentalist sects of the Mormon Church today which practice polygamy today. Like the Catholic Church, the Mormons have issued several statements opposed to gay marriage. Does this mean all Mormons are alike in this? Incredible as it might seem, there are groups which support gay men and lesbians. These fractional groups are not associated in any way with the Mormon Church.

The real question, it appears, will be decided by the courts, in my opinion most probably the U.S. Supreme Court. It will go down in history as the judicial system largely voting for or against the rules of organized religions, depending upon how the courts determine the rights of non-heterosexuals to marry.

Isn't that it? The courts ruling for or against the opinions of organized religions? It does give you something to think about.


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