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Fri., Aug. 27, 2010, 5:56 a.m.

Another week bites the dust…

Good morning, Netizens...

It's always tranquil just before dawn, it seems. The human race hasn't had the time to make any big mistakes in the new day, and for the most part, those criminally-inclined have finished their dirty business and crept back into the holes they call home, although crime never truly ceases. Mother Nature always seems to be most-tranquil in the darkness just before daybreak; the fires from yesterday are dying down one would hope. Even the yesterday's winds are calm, and it is cooler. Thank God it's Friday.

It may be days, weeks perhaps, before we will ever know the fact of how Pastor Wayne Creach met his demise, except he died of a bullet in his chest. Those who knew him in life will mourn the passage of an iconic preacher and business owner, a gentle soul who left a broad footprint in life as in his death. If one takes a simplistic view of this tragedy, we can state emphatically that someone made a horrible mistake, and call it that. We simply lack the facts to reach any other conclusion.

Perhaps what is an even greater bit of sadness is how vitriolic and suspicious people are of the police in general, and perhaps with damned good cause; perhaps not. As an old friend once told me, “'re either part of putting out the fires or part of throwing logs on the fire...”.

A fleeting visual image from KREM-2 of Spokane Police Department's Public Information Officer Jennifer DeRuwe appearing at the crime scene attired in casual clothes wearing what I would term a blue party-like Carnaby hat before she had time to don her official SPD baseball cap was almost hysterical in my opinion. Unfortunately it gave the grim crime scene a macabre feeling rather than the overwhelming sadness that eventually prevailed.

What else is there to be said for today? In search for something uplifting and joyous to tell, the peach harvest now well underway in Green Bluff is excellent according to my sources.


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