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Good afternoon, Netizens...

This is about as close to one of Dave Oliveria's infamously unpredictable Wild Cards as I will get, simply because so there is so much national news to be covered and so little time. If you can think of news I may have overlooked, by all means jump in. The water is fine.

Pity the fools Department: The East Coast is whining and muttering constantly today because they had a blizzard, including at least two feet of snow accompanied by 50 mile-per-hour winds. Half a million people are without power as the day begins to wind down, which is quite a mess, even compared to Spokane's snow non-emergency last winter. La Guardia Airport is all but shut down, with no planes leaving or landing. New York Public Schools are shut down for the day, only the third snow day they have declared since the 1980's. Three storms they say? I'd love to see the Big Apple smothered in the eight feet of snow we had last winter, maybe a little wind to sweeten the pot. Wouldn't you?

Pity the whales Department: After Tilikum the killer whale killed one of its trainers, a woman who loved whales and had spent over a decade training and working with Tilikum, today Seaworld has stopped the money-making whale shows where trainers handled and performed various stunts with the giant mammals. Some have said that Tilikum should either be put down or simply released to the wild for having killed its trainer. No such luck, says Seaworld. Tilikum is too much a part of their mating and cash generating programs, and besides probably would not live long in the wild. Bet me and maybe lose. Orcas are a lot smarter than perhaps the folks at Seaworld want us to believe. Seaworld is trying frantically to figure out how to keep the cash flowing in without killing anyone or exposing their mega-corporation to any further liability. Send the lawyers in to interview Tilikum at close range as a requirement of litigating Seaworld. Is that justice?

Pity the Health Consumers: After constant inter-party disagreement, a high-visibility summit conference that went nowhere at all and reassurances issued today by various Democrats, the health care bill, in its various permutations, appears to be floundering on the political rocks of Washington, DC just like it was in the beginning. The obvious solution, some say, is to completely eliminate the excellent health care coverage given to government employees entirely. Let them face the grim reality of having to choose between buying food to eat and paying for their prescriptions; let them make payments to the hospitals for emergency treatment or even forgo medical treatment altogether since they would not be able to afford health care. Shouldn't we put government employees on an equal footing with the poorest of the poor?

It's been an interesting week, to put it very mildly.


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