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Dr. Martin Luther King in the Rear View Mirror…

NY Times Photo used by Wikipedia
NY Times Photo used by Wikipedia

Good morning, Netizens...

Due to circumstances beyond my control, despite a multi-year custom of writing about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King in years past, yesterday I could not write about much of anything at all. Simply put, there wasn't enough hours in the day to complete everything staring me down from my platter. However, since I have a Virtual Rear View Mirror in the Virtual Ballroom, I can study Dr. King's eyes as they were in life, and the question which has so come to taunt me is, if Dr. King were alive today, wouldn't he immediately leave for Haiti to personally assist in the rescue effort?

Would he, by looking into the collective eyes of Haitian's pain and suffering beyond our wildest imagination, feel compelled to climb aboard a jet and fly to Port Au Prince by whatever means necessary and volunteer to help? I submit he would.

I do concede that the body politic has changed a great deal since Dr. King was alive. After all, if you contemplate the image of Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr. working on the ground in tandem handing out MRE's and water, could Dr. King do any worse than stand tall and say, “Here I am, Lord, send me.”

Which brings us to my question of the day. Why am I still here? Despite Type 2 Diabetes, a bad heart and various other infirmities mostly related to encroaching old age, why am I not standing in the tropical heat of Port Au Prince with others of extreme courage, assisting in the relief effort? I have already donated to the American Red Cross relief effort, but that is not the same as knowing for a certainty that I could give more. Some might say at my age, such a thought would be a suicide mission, because the heat and disease inevitably would kill me. On the other hand, I could then say I gave everything to people who now have nothing.


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