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Friday on the fly…

Good morning, Netizens...

I hasten to add if you are reclining on a lily pad here in Spokane, already some of the warmest Netizens in the Pacific Northwest, you will be cooking soon as today's temperatures are aiming for the lower 90's. The talking heads of television news have already dispensed their advice for how best to cope with the temperature, but this is what we once affectionately called motorcycle weather. I remember years ago getting up before dawn and jumping on my motorcycle for a quick cool spin before work in the morning, or another time when, being young and stupid, I rode across the Great Desert of the Southwestern United States when the temperature was over 120 degrees. I came home from that trip having shed several layers of outer skin, but still managed to have a big grin on my face.

Your results today might differ, depending upon whether or not you ride your motorcycle down to the Tri-Cities area on a whim today. Don't say I didn't warn you about the sand blasting treatment in 100 degree heat.

I have been remiss in my duties here at the Virtual Ballroom for most of the week, as my good day job has crept from beneath the rusty bucket sitting beneath the water tap outside and has overtaken most of my life this week. I cannot remember which side of the brain, left or right, that gets used when I switch from the technical to tending this Blog. However, when enmeshed in technical fare, there are advantages, most notably being I have no time nor inclination for listening to the incessant babbling from the television. They become irrelevant, despite how they attempt to wrap themselves in Facebook and Twitter.

I suppose my only claim to fame is that I have worked in four different computer operating systems this week, and never flinched; only two of the systems were Microsoft-based, one was Linux-Unix and that leaves today's challenge. What other computer operating systems are there, particularly one that is nearly hidden in obscurity but once ran a lot of database applications. Anyone care to speculate?

So here we are. Today is Friday, and as we approach the first real vestiges of summer this weekend, as we plot trips to the lakes and streams to escape the heat, I will attempt to catch up on matters. If all works according to plan, Jeanie will get her computer back from the shop today and thus will be able to weigh in with some input of her own.

Thank God it's Friday!


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