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TUESDAY, NOV. 30, 2010

SUNDAY, NOV. 28, 2010

Mike Adaskaveg/AP

Black Friday in review

Black Friday in retrospect... 

Good morning, Netizens... Things to consider in retrospect to Black Friday: Did you go out and shop yourselves insensible on Black Friday? Did you spend yourself into debt without remorse or fear this year? Did you get out of bed at an ungodly hour of...

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SATURDAY, NOV. 27, 2010

Snowcropolis II or is it III? 

Good morning, Netizens...According to the City of Spokane, we have entered Phase 2 of the City's snow plowing plan which means the plows will be running 24 hours per day until all streets, including residential thoroughfares, have been plowed. If one reads the official plan,...

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David Horsey,,
The truth of Thanksgiving

Retrospect on Thanksgiving Day... 

Good morning, Netizens... This morning's David Horsey cartoon makes a logical if not a factual statement about the United States Thanksgiving Day, in that most Americans have either dismissed or entirely forgotten the true history of the first Thanksgiving Day and everything that has transpired...

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THURSDAY, NOV. 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone! 

Good morning, Netizens... Here I am at my appointed time and place, more or less doing the same routine I perform nearly every day the year, despite the holiday. My family are here around me, some still slumbering at this ungodly hour of the morning;...

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When can you judge a man?

Good afternoon, Netizens... You probably should read Shawn Vestal's piece on the police-involved shooting at Northwest Boulevard and Monroe which is to gain a different view of the perennial the police versus us contention that always seems to be present in our discourse. Then,...

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WEDNESDAY, NOV. 24, 2010

David Horsey,,

Thanksgiving Day Eve and all is well... 

Good morning, Netizens... David Horsey's cartoon this morning summarizes conditions yesterday in Seattle and points beyond, but it is inclusive of our humble pie in Eastern Washington, with the exception this morning when, although the roads are relatively clear, the thermometer sank into record-setting mode....

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TUESDAY, NOV. 23, 2010

Meanwhile out in the sticks... 

Good morning, Netizens...If you are smart little Netizens, you are probably still huddled up in bed beneath a wealth of covers and perhaps the family dog because it is cold outside this morning. My comments about the blizzard warnings yesterday may have been premature or...

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MONDAY, NOV. 22, 2010

Blizzard? Where?

Good evening, Netizens... Oh, perdition on it all! The National Weather Bureau has issued a blizzard warning for most of the Inland Northwest tonight beginning at 7:00 PM and lasting until tomorrow morning. Now I will have to whip out some of my old and...

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SATURDAY, NOV. 20, 2010

Speaking out 

Good morning all...[Here is a message from Chef John Olsen forwarded to me in e-mail. It is of particular importance because the City Council in absolute slash and save mode may close the East Branch of Spokane's library which is wrong. [Chef Gus eloquently writes:]St...

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THURSDAY, NOV. 18, 2010

That vile white stuff hits Spokane... 

Good morning, Netizens... It is Thursday morning and egods it's here! When I arose at about 3:30 this morning, it was snowing outside, and although it was sticking on the lawn and atop the vehicles, the streets on the North Side of Spokane were navigable,...

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WEDNESDAY, NOV. 17, 2010

SATURDAY, NOV. 13, 2010

FRIDAY, NOV. 12, 2010

Suicide by cop? What can be done? 

Good evening, Netizens... It could not have happened at a worse time of the day than at or just before rush hour hit the corner of Monroe and Indiana and Northwest Boulevard. The traffic at that intersection always tends to be tough to navigate; even...

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THURSDAY, NOV. 11, 2010

Photo: Amy Sancetta/AP

A statue salutes the rising sun at Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery in Rittman, Ohio

Old soldiers and youngsters... 

Good morning, Netizens... Old soldiers seldom forget to salute the flag. It is ingrained in their memories, even long after their service to our country. This morning's picture, shot of a statue in Ohio of a soldier saluting the morning sunrise, somehow is fitting given...

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TUESDAY, NOV. 9, 2010

FRIDAY, NOV. 5, 2010

House Speaker John Boehner sans socks... 

Good morning, Netizens... KXLY-TV's Mike Gonzalez sometimes gets it right. There is an interview segment on Facebook and Youtube showing an interview between Gonzalez and John Boehner from a number of years ago. Something was missing though, like... BOEHNER'S SOCKS! So GMNW is holding a...

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David Horsey,,
John Boeher's Brigade arrives at the door of the White House...

The pendulum is swinging... 18 

Good morning, Netizens... Whether you agree with him or not, cartoonist David Horsey has struck a nerve perhaps in this morning's cartoon featuring Speaker John Boehner arriving on the front door of the White House to confront President Obama. The subtle touch of “Boehner's Army”...

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THURSDAY, NOV. 4, 2010

Howdy neighbor! 

Good morning, Netizens... As we complete the end of the election and begin (or continue) that unworldly descent into Christmas Shopping Season a great deal of chatter is being heard throughout the land about neighbors and our neighborhoods. Since I reside in a diverse neighborhood...

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Poll to the Pollsters 12 

Here’s a question to all you avid election results watchers in Spokane County, Washington – Do you miss being able to go to the polls? I have been watching the Idaho blog (Huckleberries) with a little jealousy. They were able to go to the polls...

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After the bar brawls are over... 22 

Good morning, Netizens... There are several key phrases that have bothered me since this election campaign began. I should state at the outset that this election has more similarities to an old-fashioned Stevens County bar brawl than any public process I have ever seen. At...

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TUESDAY, NOV. 2, 2010

Health, Happiness, and Hobbies 

Do you read? Write? Play Sudoku? Assemble jigsaw puzzles? Do you have a hobby that brings you joy or peace? Having a hobby is a huge stress relief activity. Some hobbies are multi-taskers. They benefit the person actually participating in whatever hobby it is, plus...

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Cringing in City Hall... 

Good morning, Netizens... According to Mayor Mary Verner speaking to the City Council last night, the grim realities of life in Spokane will be getting worse as the budget shortfall of 12 million dollars begins to hit home. City services may be cut including steep...

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