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Wed., Nov. 3, 2010, 5:32 a.m.

After the bar brawls are over…

Good morning, Netizens...

There are several key phrases that have bothered me since this election campaign began. I should state at the outset that this election has more similarities to an old-fashioned Stevens County bar brawl than any public process I have ever seen. At least with a bar brawl, you are almost certain that, before long, the Sheriff's Department will arrive and put some of the combatants into jail before the night is done, but in this election, some of those involved in throwing the worst punches will end up serving terms in government offices with paid health care, perks that you nor I can ever hope to enjoy and worst of all, they are ostensibly serving you and I, the tax-paying voters.

Core values is a catch-all phrase that has captured as many candidates as there are that are speaking. Whose core values are we speaking of? Who says you or I share whatever this phrase means to our elected officials? Core values sounds to me like someone saying, “Here I am, and you know how I stand, so elect me.” On that basis I don't trust hardly any of the candidates.

That is because, based on previous experiences, once you put someone into public office, they simply cease to represent our core values, but rather represent the core values of government. Either that or they are hopelessly naive. Does this imply that I think the Tea Party candidates fortunate enough to have won hotly-contested offices are going to forgo their lofty-sounding campaign slogans in favor of more of the same discordant crap we have come to accept as government-in-action? I think the Tea Party candidates newly-elected into office are in for a real shock, once they realize the harsh realities of public office.

On the more positive side, at least as of this morning, the local TV stations are once again restricted to serving up the usual ghastly advertising, rather than the absolutely unspeakable political advertisements slamming, if not slandering other political candidates for public office. Even better than that, it is Wednesday, Hump Day, and it might be weeks before we learn whether Patty or Dino are going to be elected to the Senate, longer if you allow for the inevitable lawyers who will sue for various recounts of the ballots.

You get what you voted for. Maybe not.


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