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Another Texan in the White House?

David Horsey,,
David Horsey,,


Good morning, Netizens...


I have always been taught that if you want to comprehend the chaos and pandemonium of an election year, you should pay chose attention to the various candidates for the political party you find most objectionable. Given the wild swings in the national opinion polls, I nearly always veer suddenly away from the Republican Party. For that matter, given the morass in which we find our economy at the moment, I guess I'm also veering away from the Democratic Party, as well.


This morning's David Horsey cartoon bluntly asks, is America ready for another President from Texas? Can Rick Perry defeat President Obama in the race to be our next President?


First, he has to beat Mitt Romney whom it has been said is a Ken Doll, all plastic and eager to bend his beliefs. Michelle Bachman, by comparison, is a shrill harpy, with no real accomplishments, despite winning the Ohio Straw Poll. The rest of the Republican candidates are puppy dog eager to please their perceived constituents, but they can hardly be taken seriously, in my opinion. Don't even ask me about Newt Gingrich, as I find him personally repulsive and a hypocrite. Ron Paul might have some of the ideas, but none of the charisma.


There are several comparisons between Rick Perry and former President Bush, Jr., among them where they stand on Social Security. Bush wanted to privatize it, but Perry has stated Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional, socialistic schemes that usurp the powers of state governments. We should be watching the Republican Party Platform closely, given Perry's statements, as I feel a sudden chill in the air.


David Horsey has stated, and his cartoon implies that Perry is a giant-sized version of Bush. If you liked Bush, you probably will wax ecstatic over Perry.


Horsey also asks, “Bush pandered to the right wing on guns, abortion, small government and cutting taxes. But he let the federal deficit skyrocket as he followed the single mission that seemed to genuinely engage him, the war on terror. Perry doesn’t merely pander, he believes. He has delighted the pro-gun lobby by brandishing a pistol in public, enraptured the small government crowd by hinting that secession is a solution to federal intrusions and helped turn up the heated Obama-is-a-socialist rhetoric as the Tea Party gathered steam.” Could Perry have the necessary steam to push the Republican locomotive over the hill into the White House?


Meanwhile, our national economy is teetering while the Republicans make a political football out of Obama's tactics. The net result is we are not getting anywhere soon. Of course, your opinions may differ.



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