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Bin Laden’s last moment on earth…

David Horsey,,
Osama bin Laden meets his end
David Horsey,, Osama bin Laden meets his end

Good evening, Netizens...


Osama bin Laden's last moment.


Here Osama bin Laden is confronted with a nightmare I am certain he never considered in his “perfect” world, when the Evil Empire he has portrayed the United States as being suddenly leaped up from the ashes of the World Trade Center to bring him down at his last moment. Cartoonist David Horsey could not, in my opinion, have better portrayed the look on bin Laden's face. Fortunately, we appear to be rid of bin Laden forever.


However, before you join any of the throngs of people across the country who are eagerly celebrating bin Laden's demise, perhaps there are some other facets you should seriously take into consideration. For example, what happens to al-Qaida now? Sure, the Navy Seals did a respectable and thoroughly professional job of eliminating bin Laden from the list of known terrorists around the world, but does that mean that al-Qaida is dead and gone? Not only no, but hell no. The al-Qaida terrorist network extends around the world, has offices in several countries other than Pakistan and Afghanistan, and all we have done by eliminating bin Laden is make the rest of them mad as hell and looking for payback.


A logical mind, when confronting the manner in which bin Laden was living in his million dollar home in Pakistan would ask how events of the last two days might effect political relations between the United States and Pakistan. All this time we have been told by our so-called allies in Pakistan that he was living in a cave on the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Yet nearly every time U.S. Armed Forces got word of where bin Laden might be hiding, the minute we arrived in force, bin Laden had vanished. Was it a coincidence that the first time we did not relay information about bin Laden's suspected location to our allies, keeping the government of Pakistan in the dark until after bin Laden was dead, suddenly we had success. How coincidental was that? My opinion is it was no coincidence; someone high in the Pakistani government was keeping bin Laden well-informed. Cut off the military aid to Pakistan for starters.


The same logical mind might also ask what the other members of bin Laden's inner circle of advisers who, it does seem, have been living in huts and caves for the last ten years or so might think of bin Laden's most recent opulent residence in a million dollar home. Perhaps we should circulate pictures of the inside of his residence throughout the world, so his former associates could see how “the other half” lived.


It was a good day for America; it was a terrible day for bin Laden. It is no time to sag on our laurels in self-congratulatory chants of USA! USA! It is time to remain vigilant, and to always remember those who died in the World Trade Center.



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