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The faces of the faceless bureaucrats…

David Horsey,,
Repost of David Horsey's cartoon on bureaucracy versus insurance companies
David Horsey,, Repost of David Horsey's cartoon on bureaucracy versus insurance companies

Good morning, Netizens...


Now that I have arrived in the throes of Social Insecurity, and having waded my way through all the garbage it takes to acquire health care insurance on such a feeble premise as the government says is the future of Social Security for people old enough to retire, I believe I have a better platform from which to view this morning's David Horsey cartoon on how the government may change health care. However, as Horsey suggests, if the Republicans have their way, won't we be substituting one group of faceless, uncaring bureaucrats for another?


Dealing with the insurance companies is no piece of cake, as my past experiences have rather brutally shown me. If we collectively allow them to rule our lives, they can deny us protection at any time of their choosing, and there is very little you or I can do about it. Of course, as any veteran can quickly tell you, dealing with the stream of endless bureaucrats at the VA is not a lot better, despite what the government solicitiously says about how it treats veterans.


Of course, I am also quick to point out dealing with the State of Washington entails just about the same number and diversity of faceless, uncaring bureaucrats.


Given the choice between dealing with the bureaucrats of the government or the bureaucrats of the insurance mega-corporations, which would you rather deal with? It does seem to be an interesting question, doesn't it? David Horsey may actually have this one pegged. Of course, your results may differ depending upon when and how you have sought and needed health care.



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