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Community Comment archive for Nov. 2011

MONDAY, NOV. 28, 2011

THURSDAY, NOV. 24, 2011

To one and all, Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, Netizens... You seldom miss what you've seldom had. Until recent years, I have not really enjoyed a Thanksgiving Day, simply because I was busily working as a long-haul truck driver. As a child I never had established Thanksgiving Day as a holiday, excepting...

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TUESDAY, NOV. 22, 2011

Bake a Cake, Win a Turkey, or Starve!  

Thanksgiving was just around the corner, years ago, when my sons were 8 and 9. I worried about Thanksgiving, coming and going, without a turkey. It was going to be a pretty grim Thanksgiving; I was eyeballing chickens and wondering how fooled the boys would...

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SUNDAY, NOV. 20, 2011

Photograph Alamy via Science Monitor

When will it come and how?

Good morning, Netizens... Judging by the run of successful natural disaster films in the past few years, people are fascinated by the idea of the end of the world. In Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later, a virus ravaged the UK and beyond; an asteroid was...

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SATURDAY, NOV. 19, 2011

About Community Comment... 

Good morning, Netizens... Earlier this week Jeanie of Spokane and myself were invited to a discussion panel chaired by the Spokesman-Review's Rebecca Nappi and attended by a number of other SR staff members and bloggers. Also present and accounted for were SR reporter and blogger...

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FRIDAY, NOV. 18, 2011

THURSDAY, NOV. 17, 2011

Words! All these words!

Good evening, Netizens... I was taken a bit aback by the today's A Word A Day as I always have referred to the plural of the cow as cows, or in the language of the garden gnomes, kubozen. It appears according to my Webster's Collegiate...

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TUESDAY, NOV. 15, 2011

SATURDAY, NOV. 12, 2011

A Brand New Day 

Wow - reading the headlines today brought the thought that we are going to experience a brand new slate of politics in 2012 in Spokane. We have kind of been mired in chaos over the last few years in a myriad of areas. There's the...

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An ode to veterans everywhere... 

Good morning, Netizens... Here is one of my favorite quotations about Veteran's Day and all veterans everywhere: In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place: and in the sky The larks still bravely singing fly Scarce heard...

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FRIDAY, NOV. 11, 2011

The race is still too close to call...

Good morning, Netizens... Good journalists are never supposed to speculate on the news, but on the other hand, journalists have been speculating on the news for decades and their reputations seem none the worse for wear. If you believe this axiom, this is especially true...

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MONDAY, NOV. 7, 2011

Andy Williams diagnosed with cancer... 

Good morning, Netizens... With a long list of those from my generation who preceded me, I have frequently pondered my own personal liabilities when it comes to cancer and other ignominious diseases that have claimed the great and not-so-great in recent times. Hard on the...

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SATURDAY, NOV. 5, 2011

Credit: AP

Andy Rooney has died... 

Good morning, Netizens... Longtime CBS News commentator Andy Rooney has died, CBS News reported Saturday. He was 92.He had been hospitalized after suffering "serious complications" following minor surgery last month.Rooney got his start in journalism during World War II, when he wrote for the "Stars...

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THURSDAY, NOV. 3, 2011


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